Review: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill provides an underwhelming fresh food alternative

Review: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill provides an underwhelming fresh food option for the FAU Boca Raton campus


Eston Parker III

A student walks by Lime Fresh Mexican Grill at the Boca Raton FAU Campus. Lime Fresh is the latest food option on campus. Photo by Eston Parker III.

Eston Parker III, Photo Editor

Last week saw the opening of the newest food option for those on campus. For students looking to fill their appetites, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill offers numerous options for its consumers.


The menu at Lime Fresh ranges from traditional Mexican appetizers such as guacamole or queso with tortilla chips and nachos as an alternative, tacos that can include fish, chicken, shrimp, or steak on a flour tortilla, and also features salads and bowls for a healthier route. 


For those looking to crave their sweet tooth, Lime Fresh is offering churros bites.


The menu has undergone multiple changes since Lime Fresh’s initial opening last week and the addition of alcoholic beverages is expected to be added within the coming weeks along with a final version of the full menu. 


One particular item, the steak taco, has quickly gained a reputation of being a popular option in Lime Fresh’s short time on campus so far. 


The order comes with three tacos, yellow tortilla chips, and a small portion of queso. Customers also do not have to wait long for their order, with the wait for one order usually being just over a minute according to students.


The taco itself is loaded with lettuce and pico de gallo on top, followed by a small layer of shredded cheese, and is finished with sour cream on top of the meat itself.


When biting into the taco, the full flavor is highlighted by the grilled steak which provides a savory taste. The meat also has a hint of spice and the combination of the ingredients on the soft tortilla results in an enjoyable taco eating experience.


The tortilla chips served on the side are a welcomed addition to the meal, however they are nothing special. The queso and chips are advertised as the “best dang queso ever” on the truck, this claim is questionable at best. The queso tasted rather plain and did not have much of a thick texture, however it did add slightly more flavor when applied to the chips.


Many customers seem content with the current food options, despite a few caveats.


One customer, describing his experience ordering the Soflo Bowl, which comes with chicken, rice, lettuce, salsa verde, pico de gallo, black bean salsa, tortilla strips, and pickled vegetables


“The overall flavor was good but it was not as spicy as I was expecting it,” said Francisco Acevedo Andino, a senior majoring in neuroscience.


Lime Fresh currently has one drink option, bottled water, despite the food truck claiming to have margaritas and beer on a former rendition of the menu and on the actual truck itself. 


For many customers, the lack of drinking options has been a major point of frustration.


“I was upset because I wanted a margarita but they didn’t have it,” one customer added. “Why claim to serve alcohol when all you serve is water,” said another student.


In terms of pricing, most entrees on the menu are either slightly below or above $10. Each appetizer is $7 and dessert is $5, resulting in a somewhat decently valued meal.


There has also been a major inconsistency over when Lime Fresh opens, with the restaurant claiming to be open from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, the restaurant has not been opening at these times yet.


Lime Fresh has shown that it can provide fresh and quality food to those that wish to try, but it is evident that it is currently undergoing growing pains as it settles into possibly becoming a flagship food option on campus.

Eston Parker III is the Photo Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet him @estonparker