Student Government discusses possible student Uber discounts, increased school security

The House of Representatives also elected several new members.


Photo courtesy of Student Government

Sophie Siegel, Staff Writer

For the second time this summer, the Boca campus House of Representatives met to discuss their plans for the upcoming school year.


From future initiatives to recent elections, here’s how things panned out.

What’s new

The meeting began with progress reports from various leadership positions, including current student body President Kyle MacDonald.


MacDonald discussed implementing a program where FAU students would get $5 off Uber rides. He added that he will start recruiting students to market the program.


During the open forum, House Rep. Jon Carter said he wants to bring more lighting to campus to keep students safe. He mentioned a security program that would involve FAU police and help protect against school shooters.


Carter said that he also wants to send an SG delegation to the Florida Model Legislature, a conference where students can take place in a mock legislative meeting.

Business as usual


New members were also elected to the House of Representatives — Jacquelin Nicole Riley, Brianna Kingcade, Grant Baron, and Luz Brito.


House Reps. Noah Goldberg and Onur Basman each discussed why they think they should be the next Speaker Pro Tempore. The position will fill in for Speaker of the House Marianne Alex if she’s absent.


Basman, who’s served in the House for four years, said that he wants to create a bi-weekly newsletter for SG members only.   


“I feel like UPress doesn’t have too much on us,” he said. “And they shouldn’t have to do too much about us.”


Goldberg then explained why he believes he’s qualified for the position.


He detailed how he created a House of Representatives Facebook page as well as his history serving as the Ways and Means committee chair. He also said that he wants to create a “big/little program” similar to Greek life.


After the two left the room, the House representatives discussed each candidate.


Ultimately, Goldberg beat out Basman, winning 17-5. He will serve as Speaker Pro Tempore until the end of the summer.


As for upcoming bills, BRHB 18-30 was tabled until the next meeting. It states all three SG houses, the Senate, and the Student Court’s opposition to the special election.


Governor Luke Turner initially vetoed the bill because of a “grammatical error.” It will potentially be voted on at the next House meeting.


The Boca House will meet again Friday, June 22 in the House Chambers.


Sophie Siegel is a staff writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].