Alexander Suarez (left) and Michaelangelo Hamilton (right) pose after their first House meeting last year. The original petition was to remove both of them from office, but the new Articles of Impeachment are against Suarez only. Photo courtesy of Hamilton's Facebook

Boca House representatives file impeachment charges against another member

January 17, 2019

The counts against Rep. Alexander Suarez range from harassment to extortion.

The impeachment of Luke Turner failed narrowly last fall. Illustration by Dan Bartholomew

What do the past events of SG mean for the future?

January 17, 2019

This semester will see another presidential race, and what’s happened in the last year will impact who’s running.

Reps. Alexander Suarez (left) and Michaelangelo Hamilton (right) streamed several Facebook live videos, in which former Rep. Jon Carter claims they violated Florida law by effectively holding a Student Government meeting without notifying the public. They have been removed from Facebook, but the UP linked two saved videos in the article. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Former House member petitions to remove two representatives

January 11, 2019

Florida law mandates that government meetings be public, but former Rep. Jon Carter claims that two SG members broke this rule.

During a House of Representatives meeting Nov. 16, members did not reach a required majority vote to impeach Gov. Luke Turner. House Rep. Alexander Suarez is a former sponsor of the Articles of Impeachment against Turner. Photo by Hope Dean

Open letter to Student Government: My side of the tale

December 21, 2018

House Rep. Alexander Suarez discusses alleged backdoor deals in SG relating to the impeachment attempt against Boca campus Gov. Luke Turner.

Things became heated when House of Representatives members met to discuss the possible impeachment of Luke Turner. Photo courtesy of the FAU House of Representatives Facebook page

Student Government members to hold ‘special’ meeting

November 15, 2018

The impeachment charges against the Boca campus governor will be discussed, among other things.

Noah Goldberg (left) was sworn in at the first Boca House of Representatives meeting Friday. Photo by Sophie Siegel

Boca House of Representatives re-elects speaker, swears in members

October 22, 2018

Prior Speaker of the House Noah Goldberg won by 27 votes against Rep. Edward Perez.

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Student Government discusses possible student Uber discounts, increased school security

June 14, 2018

The House of Representatives also elected several new members.

House of Representative Noah Goldberg. Photo courtesy of Alexander Rodriguez

Open letter to FAU: What is actually going on in Student Government?

May 2, 2018

Boca Raton House Representative Noah Goldberg: The students of FAU deserve an administration that obeys the law.

Marianne Alex and Edward Perez. Alexander Rodriguez | News Editor

Q&A: Presidential hopeful Marianne Alex shares her stance on the special election

April 27, 2018

Despite losing in the February election, Marianne Alex and her Vice President Edward Perez are prepared to fight for the presidential seat a second time.

Photo courtesy of Student Government Elections' Facebook

A look at the rumors surrounding the special election

April 24, 2018

From egging a house to an election conspiracy, Student Government members share the rumors relating to the special election.

Courtesy of yeowatzup on Flickr.

Boca House rejects bill that would “show support” for Israel

April 17, 2018

House members voted against a bill that would symbolically endorse the nation of Israel and declare SG’s stance against anti-Semitic groups.

Photo courtesy of FAU Student Goverment

House of Representatives shows support for Stoneman Douglas shooting victims

February 22, 2018

A resolution was written the day after the shooting.