Confirmed, Lot Five will remain 2015 tailgate location


Kiki Baxter

[Kiki Baxter | Contributing Photographer]

Gregory Cox, Contributing Writer

The tailgating location for the 2015-2016 football season will remain in Lot Five.

Student Body President Kathryn Edmunds explained in a Boca Raton House of Representatives meeting on June 12 that this location, which was implemented for this year’s spring football game, will be the Rat’s Mouth’s home this football season.

This announcement does not come easily to some. There is a petition against the change, signed by 564 people as of publication time, to keep the official tailgating location in its original spot, the front of the stadium.

The petition, headed up by Alphi Epsilon Pi member Leead Negri, argues that the Rat’s Mouth and its original location “is a great game day experience that we had, making our school unique.”

“It would be a shame to let it go,” he added.

Comment's left on the petition against Lot 5
Comment’s left on the petition against Lot 5

Edmunds argued that the change of location was because “a lot of organizations were saying that they didn’t have the freedom of space to be able to go into the Rat’s Mouth.”

The new location allows for student organizations to reserve an area in the parking lot, allowing room for “machinery” that organizations can bring in.

“The discussion is in the future if it can be moved back, that’s a discussion that athletics is having internally,” Edmunds said.