The office of the Student Government Elections Board remains vacant most of the time, as the chair of the board lives on FAU’s Jupiter campus. Ryan Klimar, the marketing director for the Elections Board, has been frustrated with Gregory Barber’s absence, and thinks it has to do with him being a Jupiter student: “He’s not in Boca, he’s not where the action happens. The representation of Broward and Jupiter towards FAU is important, … but when you’re choosing university-wide leadership positions, they need to be centered in Boca.”

Student Government member forgoes duties, students say advisers stepped in to save elections

April 27, 2016

A miniature American flag hangs upside down on the corkboard of the elections office in the second floor of the Student Union, a traditional note of a state in distress. The flipped flag symbolizes the chaos the elections office faced over the past two months. “The elections are done so I guess I’ll just—” Elections Board Marketing Director Ryan Klimar said as he reached over to flip the flag right side up. “I flipped that two months ago.” In February, the Student Government elections for the next president, vice president and campus governors kicked off, but they didn’t go smoothly.

Elections Board marketing director, Ryan Klimar, sits with approximately 30 contestations in front of him. The official results can not be released until all contestations are heard. Photo by Gregory Cox | Managing Editor

Student Government Elections: Candidates still don’t know who officially has won

March 9, 2016

The candidates of this year's student government presidential and gubernatorial elections are still in the dark almost two weeks after the elections.

Courtesy of CairoWalters16 Facebook page.

Student Government elections: Michael Cairo wins presidency, official results still pending

February 29, 2016

Left in the dark since Thursday, the candidates from this year's student government spring elections can breathe a sigh of relief.

Gov. Chris Ferreira is running for president as a fill in ticket. Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Student Government elections: surprise candidates enter presidential race as a joke

February 24, 2016

With fewer than 36 hours to go, the new ticket hopes their “milkshakes will bring all the voters to the polls.”

Less Money, Fewer Jobs: Student media, graduate students take brunt of budget cuts

Less Money, Fewer Jobs: Student media, graduate students take brunt of budget cuts

February 23, 2016

It’s cutting season around Florida Atlantic University. For the second year in a row, student organizations’ budgets are on the chopping block, facing more cutbacks than the year before. But unlike last year, where the cuts were split relatively equally over 40 student organizations, some programs are feeling more pain than others.

Photo courtesy of Harbor Branch Facebook page

FAU, are you informed?

January 19, 2016


Felix Hartmann (right) took to the bar instead of attending a meeting to allocate an $8.6 million budget. Casey Martin (left) chairs that meeting. Photo of Casey Martin by Max Jackson, Staff Photographer. Photo of Felix Hartmann from his LinkedIn page.

High-ranking Student Government member chooses bar over important meeting

January 14, 2016

The University Budget and Appropriations Committee was supposed to meet on Jan. 11 to approve an $8.6 million budget for next year — but that wasn’t able to happen since the group’s chief financial officer was too busy signing off on bar tabs down the street.

James Tracy claimed that FAU fired him because of controversial conspiracy theories he shared on his blog. Photo by Michelle Friswell

Students speak on James Tracy

January 12, 2016

It’s no secret that former communication professor James Tracy is causing a ruckus. After requesting proof that a child killed in the Sandy Hook massacre was in fact who the media said he was, Tracy has gotten all sorts of media attention.

A girl is forcibly removed from the FAU versus the University of Miami football game on Sept. 11, 2015. The 
study on police body cameras found that nearly 50 percent of law enforcement officers polled 
think cameras will impact police officers’ decisions to use force. Photo by Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice study says cops want body cameras

December 16, 2015

Even the cops don’t think society trusts them, according to a new study from FAU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. The study, published on Dec. 14, asked law enforcement leadership about its stance on police body cams. “This is the first survey of police command staff perceptions of body worn cameras in the U.S.,” said lead author John Ortiz Smykla, a director and professor in the FAU School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. “A lot of people are enthusiastic about the benefits of body-worn cameras, but despite, there has been no research of command perceptions.”

Photo courtesy of Mark Moz

Select housing markets close to crashing says FAU index

December 9, 2015

hile most students are now able to breathe after final exams, FAU professors are saying homeowners in select cities may become...

A police officer talks with a student at a home football game. Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

Study: Deaths from law enforcement on the rise

December 7, 2015

he number of deaths from legal law intervention has risen by 45 percent over the past 15 years, according to a new study from FAU...

President John Kelly says diversity in the faculty is a major priority. Photo by Mohammed F. Emran.

Pres. Kelly hosts second state of the university address

November 20, 2015

fter losing $7 million in state funding in 2014, Florida Atlantic University’s President John Kelly is changing the mentalit...