Gallery: FAU’s Home Opener Victory Against Warner


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D4S_11-17-14_0033_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot, was in attendance at FAU Mens Basketball home opener against Warner on Monday evening Nov. 17.  It was “NBA Night” where anyone who wore NBA apparel was eligible to win prizes.


Mohammed F Emran | Web Editor

Burnie gets stuck in a trash can after he climbed out of the stands.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D4S_11-17-14_0155_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

FAU guard Jackson Trapp works to get around Warner defender Eddie Delegal. The junior scored 13 points on the night.


Netanya-4091Netanya Walton | Contributor

Freshman center C.J Turman looks for a teammate.


Netanya-4128Netanya Walton | Contributor

Owls guard Jackson Trapp steals the ball and is fouled by Royals guard Jamie Anderson.  Trapp went on to make both free throws making the score 29-26.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D4S_11-17-14_0878_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi hold up their signature symbol midway through their halftime performance.


Netanya-4112Netanya Walton | Contributor

Owsley pumps the crowd up while the game goes into the second half.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D4S_11-17-14_0945_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

FAU center Justin Raffington attempts to prevent Warner forward Bladimyr Santiago from reaching the basket in the second half.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D4S_11-17-14_1358_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

FAU fans attempt to catch t-shirts thrown by a cheerleader.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D610_11-17-14_0301_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Freshman guard Justin Massey looks for open teammates. Massey scored 12 points on the night and made three of his four attempts.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D610_11-17-14_0966_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Forward Kelvin Penn celebrates as his new teammate Justin Massey converts a layup making the score 35-29.


Netanya-4189Netanya Walton | Contributor

Owls center Justin Raffington saves the ball from going out of bounds to keep FAUs possession alive.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D610_11-17-14_1113_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Head coach Michael Curry strategizes with his players during a timeout in the second half.


FAU v. Warner_MBB_NIKON D610_11-17-14_1208_LightroomMax Jackson | Photo Editor

Owls center Justin Raffington attempts a three pointer towards the end of the second half.


UPWEB_FAU Men's Basketball vs Warner_ Mohammed F Emran-3019


Mohammed F Emran| Web Editor

The Burrow’s stands filled with students cheering on the FAU men’s basketball team.