New stadium provides fans with new food options

Michelle Simon

Upon walking through the main entry gates, a sign that read “Shapiro Family Smith Concourse” gave fans locations of concession stands and options of what they could eat.There were six different vendors. Chick-fil-A, Subway, Tomasso’s Pizza & Subs, Chick’n Grill, Dippin’ Dots and the traditional concession stands provided a variety for customers to choose from.

“I like that there are various types of food,” said freshman Nicole Abbott.

The cost for food at each vendor also seemed to vary, excluding the bottled drinks and Gatorade that sold for three and four dollars respectively.

The most expensive food items were a foot-long pizza from Subway and a chicken tenders basket from Chick’n Grill. Both cost eight dollars.  A slice of pizza from Tomasso’s cost three dollars, making it the least expensive food item.

Other items from the traditional concession included: Cheeseburgers and chili-cheese fries for five dollars, and hotdogs and popcorn for four dollars.

The concessions appeared to run efficiently, until halftime.

As soon as halftime began, lines began to fill up, which stirred complaints from customers. Vendors such as Chick-fil-A, saw lines stretching.

“ I’ve waited for at least 30 minutes and they don’t even have all the items that Chick-fil-A should have,” said freshman Shayla Sylvian.

Chick-fil-A only sold chicken sandwiches on their menu, which cost five dollars.

This was not a common complaint with customers waiting in line at other concession stands.

Senior Shante Cooley ordered a foot-long pizza from Subway and didn’t have the issue of waiting.

“Everything was nice and swift,” said Cooley. “So no complaints,” Cooley said.

Update (10/20/11): Owl Access has reported that Chick-fil-A will be replaced by Mississippi Sweets BBQ Co.