Letter to the Editor

Isable Badell

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From Isable Badell

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011

Dear Editor,

This is a comment that I’d like to address from the article you posted on Case of the girl who cried wolf…or rape. Rape is when only one person consents to sex, it’s not a mutual bond. It states that she was posting things on her Facebook to boys to come to her dorm with alcohol. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s inviting guys to come to her dorm to engage in sexual intercourse. The fact that she said that she got raped, doesn’t mean she’s lying. What could have happened, was that she may have had company over, to have a couple of drinks, and then lead to other things. They could have started to engaged in sexual acts, but then turned into a violent sexual act. She may have not consented to that. This article doesn’t even mention anything about the rapist himself. It’s all on the girl. The fact that she was drinking makes her vulnerable and doesn’t really make her aware of her actions, which can lead onto the fact that she was incoherent to the activity being done to her.

Before making assumptions on whether the girl is telling the truth on being raped, both sides of the story should be present, and a lot more evidence should have been stated.