Unofficial SG election results: Dalia Calvillo set to become student body president

Calvillo and her running mate Bradley Swan ran unopposed while receiving 967 votes, which is 74.6% of those who participated in the election.


Here are the newly elected candidates: President Dalia Calvillo and Vice President Bradley Swan (right), Jupiter Governor Emma Leonardo Solorzano (top), and Boca Governor Shila Ductan (bottom), and Broward Governor Malena Lasca (left).

Richard Pereira, Staff Writer

The unofficial Student Government election results have come in: Current Student Body Vice President Dalia Calvillo will serve as the next student body president alongside newly elected Vice President Bradley Swan. Their term will start at the end of the Spring semester.

Calvillo and Swan ran unopposed for the presidential ticket, receiving 967 votes from 74.6% of the student population who participated. 275 students, 21.2% of those who took part in the election, decided to not vote for the Calvillo/Swan campaign. This is the second election in the last three years the presidential ticket won without opposing candidates on the ballot.

“I would like to thank the student body who gave Bradley and me their vote of confidence to serve as the next Student Body President and Vice President. We are so lucky and humbled to be able to serve you all and be your voice throughout the academic year,” Calvillo said. 

This election took a nosedive with participation from the FAU community. Only 1,296 students voted in total, a 43.99% decrease from the 2,314 who took part during the Spring 2022 semester.

# of Spring 2022 Votes
# of Spring 2023 Votes
% of Voter increase/decrease from Spring 2022
% of Student Population
Boca Raton
University Total

In what was a competitive three-way race, Shila Ductan won the position for Boca Raton campus governor with 34.9% of the vote. Logan Slaughter came second with 28.5% and Kobe Kirschner followed with 26.8%. 

25 students voted for Malena Lasca, who also ran unopposed and will serve as governor of the Broward campus. She wants to increase the visibility of Student Government, provide leadership development workshops, and create skills training events to enhance students’ future professional careers.

“I will be working for all students and try to make the Broward Campus a place they enjoy and a place where they see their future professional careers thrive,” Lasca said.

For the Jupiter campus, Emma Leonardo Solorzano won the race with 85 votes after edging out Claire Sanford’s 84 votes. Ibrahim Gheit only got 31 votes as the third and last candidate running for the governorship.

25 students voted for Malena Lasca, who also ran unopposed and will serve as governor of the Broward campus. 

Calvillo has been active with improving student life in the FAU community such as putting together a textbook support program and tackling food insecurity among others. She plans on continuing the progress she made this past year and implementing her own initiatives once she begins her term as student body president.

“I look forward to completing all of the initiatives we ran on and working hard for the betterment of all students,” Calvillo said. “FAU is home to me, and I wish nothing else than to make everyone feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. I am so grateful I will be able to give back to my FAU community, which has given me everything.”

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