Boca House of Representatives confirm three members to administrative positions

House members appointed Darius Galloway to campus action chair, Amanda Wesolich to secretary, and Isabella Feaheny to rules and policies chair.


Screenshot of the June 17 Boca House meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On June 17, the Boca Raton House of Representatives appointed Darius Galloway, Amanda Wesolich, and Isabella Feaheny to the positions of campus action chair, secretary, and rules and policies chair, respectively.

For the role of campus action chair, responsibilities involve leading the Campus Action Committee while considering and advocating for student concerns on behalf of Student Government.

“In this position, I really would like to interact with the student body and gain more input on how [we] can better our community,” said Galloway, who’s been with the committee for a year. “In this position, I don’t want to just sit in the office; I would like to engage with our students and organizations and figure out what [we] can do to better serve them.”

The roles of house secretary include keeping minutes, taking roll call, maintaining voting sheets, and recording absences at all house meetings.

Wesolich said she will set aside days every week to devote her attention to these tasks.

“As secretary, I will make sure my responsibilities get completed on a timely basis while paying attention to every detail,” said Wesolich. “I appreciate the trust you have in me and I promise to do my best and fulfill all my responsibilities as best as I can.”

The Rules and Policies Committee ensures that all programs and legislation adhere to the Student Government Constitution, Statutes, and other pertinent Rules and Regulations, and the chair is responsible for maintaining that objective. Statutes consist of laws the house passes that they follow thereafter.

Feaheny, who ran for speaker and speaker pro tempore last month, dedicated a lot of her time to statutory revisions as she plans to help all committee members feel confident in their ability of revising statutes.

“I also plan on leading us to accomplish a complete 700 statutes revision by the end of this legislative session,” Feaheny said. “I have already gone and marked up every section of the statutes I feel need improvement, and I plan on going over this with committee members to pick what topic we will work on each week.”

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