Boca House of Representatives elects Dylan Hobbs-Fernie as Speaker, Alexander Cedeño as Speaker Pro Tempore

Hobbs-Fernie won by a 13-2 vote to become house speaker.


Screenshot of the May 20 Boca House meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

In the first meeting of the summer semester on May 20, the Boca House of Representatives elected Dylan Hobbs-Fernie as house speaker and Rep. Alexander Cedeño as speaker pro tempore.

Hobbs-Fernie, who served as house secretary throughout the spring semester, ran against Library Liaison Isabella Feaheny and won the nomination by a 13-2 vote with two representatives abstaining. 

The speaker oversees House meetings and ensures proper behavior is followed, according to the Student Government Constitution.

“Through my work as secretary, I became more and more knowledgeable about the duties and responsibilities of house speaker,” Hobbs-Fernie said in his speech before house members voted. “I can say with full confidence that there is no one more prepared and capable to step into the position than I am.”

Hobbs-Fernie pledged to have the speaker’s office be open for everyone to come by and express their concerns on issues going on within the student body.

“These decisions don’t impact just Student Government; they impact regular students and regular students should have the confidence and ability to walk into the speaker’s office and make sure their voices are heard,” Hobbs-Fernie said. “I will make sure the office is as open as possible to ensure that even if I personally disagree, the voices of many outweigh the voice of one.”

Following Hobbs-Fernie’s confirmation, house members moved on to nominations for speaker pro tempore, which acts as a vice president for the speaker of the house.

Feaheny also ran for the position against Cedeño but lost by a 9-4 vote.

Cedeño hopes to serve as a helping hand for initiatives and goals representatives want to accomplish in the house.

“As I know that consistent contact and communication is important when reaching our goals, I’m looking forward to working with the House of Representatives to have a productive term,” Cedeño said. “Although the term is limited, I know for a fact that our efforts will be long-lasting in shaping the future of Student Government. I’m excited to work with you all this summer.”

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