FAU implements pass/fail grading system for ‘most’ degrees

On Wednesday, the Office of the Provost sent out an email detailing a plan for students to choose a pass/fail option for the rest of the semester for classes.


FAU announced Wednesday that students could choose a pass/fail grading option for some or all of their classes this Spring. Illustration by Israel Fontoura

Marcy Wilder, Web Editor

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story said that a “D” or higher to pass. This has been updated to reflect that it takes a “D” minus or higher to pass.


FAU sent an email Wednesday announcing classes will be offered as pass/fail “due to the potential impact of the pandemic on studies,” an email from the provost’s office said. 


The pass/fail grading option means that instead of being graded with an “A,” “B,” “C,” “D” or “F,” students with a “D” or higher pass the class — regardless of the actual grade they earned. This option is only available for undergraduate students.


Graduate students have the option to change their letter grades to a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade. Students need to achieve a “C” or above to qualify as “satisfactory.” 


These options will be available to “most” of FAU’s degrees beginning April 8, the announcement said. 


On April 1, FAU will send out a list of the degree programs that are eligible as well as restrictions provided by the state of Florida. Starting on April 8 until April 22, eligible students will be able to fill out a form online for the classes they would like to make pass/fail. This means you do not have to make this decision for all or any of your classes. 


The announcement warned students to make this decision carefully, especially those applying to graduate school. Undergraduate students are recommended to speak with their instructor(s) or their academic advisor, and graduate students are recommended to speak with their program director or research supervisor. 


Over a week ago, an FAU student made a petition for classes to have a pass/fail option. FAU is now among other Florida universities like the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, Florida State University and the University of South Florida that offer pass/fail grading options.


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