Extended hours in Boca library postponed

The new schedule, which will have the library open nonstop five days a week, is expected to start in less than two weeks.


Student Government hopes that the new hours will be enacted on Feb. 11. Photo by Hope Dean

Hope Dean, News Editor

The Boca campus Wimberly library was meant to be open 24 hours a day on Monday through Friday this semester, but the new schedule has not been enacted yet.

This is because FAU’s Human Resources department still needs to hire and train three more people to work the late-night hours, according to the library’s Director of External Relations RJ Stamper. Student Government initiated the new hours last semester, and student body President Kyle MacDonald hopes that the hours will begin Feb. 11 — although “that isn’t set in stone.”

“The University requires background checks and training which took a bit longer than expected … Everyone has been working very hard to get it off the ground quickly but we of course have to ensure everyone is properly trained and prepared for the launch,” he said.

The library’s new hours are part of a trial run. If the students use and enjoy the hours, the new times will continue past this semester, the UP previously reported.

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