Sayd Hussain (middle) sits next to Boca campus House Rep. Louis Akra during Gov. Luke Turner's impeachment hearing on Nov. 16. Photo by Hope Dean

Opinion: The failed impeachment against Gov. Luke Turner proves that Student Government is not for the students

December 21, 2018

Former SG member Sayd Hussain believes the Boca campus governor wasted students’ money and abused his power — yet he is still in office.

One of the complaints in the Articles of Impeachment is that Gov. Luke Turner spent $4,000 on his State of the Campus address, shown above, while previous governors have spent less than $200 on the event. Photo by Emma Saunders

Former Student Government member looks to impeach Boca campus governor

November 13, 2018

Sayd Hussain is claiming that Luke Turner neglected his governmental duties and misused SG funds.