Student Government: Freshman Class Council bill faces opposition in the House

If passed, the legislation would fund the cost of a March conference trip, which some members see as “very expensive.”

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Photo courtesy of Student Government

Benjamin Paley, Distribution Manager

Several members of the Boca House of Representatives voiced concerns about funding a bill at the last House meeting.

The bill, presented at the Feb. 9 meeting, would grant the Freshman Class Council $5,000 to pay for an upcoming conference. The council provides an avenue to join Student Government and interacts with student organizations.

Held in March, the American Student Government Association conference costs $10,000 to attend. Boca Governor Der’Resha Bastien, who created the council, would fund the other half.

SG statutes allow the House to provide funding for trips that further students’ growth as leaders.

But Noah Goldberg, a House representative and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, requested the bill be reviewed again since $5,000 is half of the House budget.

Other House members agreed.

“Using $5,000 for a few students is not worth it since they can attend training otherwise,” Rep. Edward Perez said. “Other trainings include WeLead and local leadership conferences.”

“They are not members of the conference we would be sending them to,” Rep. Shane Isaacson said. “It’s late registration, very expensive.”

House Speaker Pro Tempore Bailey Jones agreed with Rep. Goldberg, deciding to table the bill until the next House meeting for review.

It will be held today at 3:30 p.m in the Student Union House Chambers.

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