Students speak on James Tracy

The comments section on recent James Tracy stories say it all


James Tracy claimed that FAU fired him because of controversial conspiracy theories he shared on his blog. Photo by Michelle Friswell

Gregory Cox, Managing Editor

It’s no secret that former communication professor James Tracy is causing a ruckus. After requesting proof that a child killed in the Sandy Hook massacre was in fact who the media said he was, Tracy has gotten all sorts of media attention.

The attention blew up even more after the university took steps to fire the tenured professor who had been with FAU for 14 years. The United Faculty of Florida issued a statement explaining their “legal and ethical obligation to provide fair and vigorous representation” for Tracy, but the UFF would not comment further on the case.

Take a look at some of the comments supporting Tracy, bashing him and even questioning his existence.

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Some students took the time to rejoice…

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and left their own thoughts on the questionable professor.

CW Wade said: I’ve read every post Tracy has made on mass shootings; he is an evil man, a monster whose cruelty knows no bounds; however, that is not the worse part. his followers hang on his every word and actually buy into his bull crap. Those are the really dangerous people.

While others defended him…

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Oh, and his reviews on are just as split.

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Someone even went as far to call him an asset.

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A number of people even question the existence of Tracy and blame the Obama administration. Oh the irony.

“Smart conspiracy theorist” says: There is indeed a conspiracy, but it is not what it seems. It is Professor Tracy who does not exist. He was invented by the devilishly cunning Obama administration in order to sway public opinion against the gun lobby. Of course no sane person would hold his crazy theories. Only a fictitious person could do that. So no need to give a job back to someone who never had one in the first place.

“Mike” says: I wonder if we are not all looking at this the wrong way. Maybe there IS a conspiracy, only it’s not the one Prof. Tracy has been alerting us to. Of course the child victims of that shooting existed. But what makes us so sure that Prof. Tracy exists? Maybe he himself is a figment, a fiction concocted by the devilishly cunning Obama administration in an attempt to discredit the gun lobby by inventing a lunatic who could not possibly exist. And if he doesn’t exist (how could any real person hold such idiotic views?) there is no one to be reinstated in a job that that nobody never really had anyway. Case solved.

In the Washington Post:

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Tracy even has a wide network of supporters.

From the Sun Sentinel:

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From the Washington Post:

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