Eight ways to spend your 4/20


Photo by Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Gregory Cox, Contributing Writer

Disclaimer: The UP does not support or condone the illegal consumption or use of marijuana, but recognizes that it’s likely to happen anyway and would like to help.

You might see more smoke billowing out of cars and hear the musical stylings of Bob Marley today. Find out what you and your buddies can do in or around Boca Raton to celebrate 4/20.

The Hemp Factory

A couple doors down from Night Owl, the Hemp Factory is offering an appropriate 42 percent off all glass and smoke-related products, and 20 percent off everything else in store. What better time to pick up a new piece than today.

The Hookup

The closest head shop to the Boca campus (click here for directions) has a large array of products on sale, including buy-one-get-one free butane and up to 30 percent off select items. The staff is always friendly and they hold everything from a Florida Marlins hat piece to an AK-47 glass piece, and everything in between.

CD Connection

A bit off the beaten path, by Palmetto Park Road and US 441 is CD Connection.  They’re offering 20 percent off glass products, 30 percent off water pipes and 10 percent off everything else.

Munchiez Boca Raton

(Conveniently) located in the same complex as The Hookup, Munchiez is known to make some of the fattest sandwiches in Boca. The average price is $9 and the titles are geared towards a marijuana-friendly crowd, like The Bill Clinton with THC, Wake N Bake grilled cheese and the Maui Wauie wrap.

The Funky Biscuit

Every Monday, the Funky Biscuit — located in Mizner Park — has a free show, called the Biscuit Jam. Tonight’s show will feature blues band The Albert Castiglia Band which goes on at 8 p.m. Their menu includes bar-style foods such as wings, sliders and pizzas and a variaty of drink specials.

Funky Buddha

A little farther than the Funky Biscuit is the Funky Buddha Brewery in northern Fort Lauderdale. Tonight the host an open music mic, $10 hookah all night and happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Vibe Out

Netflix may be your best friend tonight. If you’re feeling festive, try documentaries like “The Union” and “Super High Me,” or films like “The Big Lebowski” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” If you’re living in the dorms, make sure you have a bottle of Febreeze handy.

The Beach

Not everyone has the luxury of laying in the sand and checking out stars. What better place to relax before taking on finals than the beach.


Max Jackson contributed to the reporting of this story.