Corey King named vice president of Student Affairs after interim term

After being interim for eight months, Corey King is the new vice president of Student Affairs.


Corey King, the vice president of Student Affairs is the second to last person to sign off on the activity and service fee budget. Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Lynnette Cantos, Assistant News Editor

Corey King is the new vice president of Student Affairs, according to Florida Atlantic President John Kelly via email announcement sent on Friday, Feb. 20.

Last July, former Vice President of Student Affairs Charles Brown resigned from his position after eight years. King fulfilled his role as interim vice president while a search was made for the position.

King was hired in 2008 by Brown as second in command, serving as associate vice president and dean of students.

Between his hiring year and present day, he’s “redefined the mission of the dean’s office and established many initiatives to foster student success,” according to the email announcement.

King obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Florida State University in curriculum and instruction and higher education administration, respectively. His doctoral degree was from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in education administration and leadership.

During his time as interim vice president, King has made his presence at student events, such as helping incoming freshmen move into the dorms before the fall 2014 semester began. His most recent engagement with students was at the Meet the Press event held by student media.