A Letter to New FAU Students

Christopher Massana

UP Web Editor Christopher Massana. Photo by Ryan Murphy.
UP Web Editor Christopher Massana. Photo by Ryan Murphy.

So, you’ve come here, to college, and in doing so, one thing is apparent: you’re not in Smallville anymore. Maybe you’re alone, maybe you’re confused, maybe (like I was, once upon a time) you’re scared of what happens next. It’s normal to feel lost, but don’t let that get you down, there’s always someone or something that can give you a push in the right direction. This magazine, for instance.

Whether you’re seeking out a place to relax, or one to make new friends; looking to brush up on your sports knowledge or figuring out whether you should stay on-campus or off, we can help. Inside, you’ll find information on some of FAU’s more unique clubs, questionable words of wisdom from the current UP staff and Student Government-types too and a lot more.

So take that advice, questionable though it may be, and don’t think of college as something to simply endure. Instead, view your time here as an adventure. Be excited about what there is for you to do, look for opportunities to make friends, opportunities to learn and opportunities to grow.

Speaking of learning, the education you get here will solve problems and open doors later in life. In fact, one might  say that education, is a sort of… superpower. You’re capable of some truly astounding feats when you have it.

And so comes the conclusion of my little intro, and the beginning of your story where you’re the hero. Go on, get to writing the first few chapters: they’re always the most interesting ones.