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Brother Micah speaks on Boca campus

Ian English

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Brother Micah clasps a Bible in one hand, and paces back and forth in his gated enclosure as he preaches to students on Feb. 1 in the Free Speech Lawn. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Loud statements against sex, drugs, rock and roll, masturbation, smoking, pornography and homosexuality arose from inside a metal barricade – Brother Micah Armstrong had returned to campus.

Students gathered on the Free Speech Lawn on Feb. 1, from noon until 5 p.m., for free entertainment and free confrontation. The street preacher, Brother Micah, drew large crowds and told everyone they would go to hell unless they repented, meaning that students should stop sinning for the rest of their lives, and use the Bible to guide their actions.

“Repentance toward God and faith toward our lord Jesus Christ,” preached Brother Micah. This message might have been lost in less then 10 minutes, when he twisted FAU’s acronym to “FAU: Fornicators’ and Alcoholics’ University.”

Brother Micah also said things like “real Muslims are terrorists” because the

When squaring off with author Lana Thompson, Brother Micah yelled, "Put on a dress and get back in the kitchen." Photo by Christine Capozziello.

jihadist use the Quran in their religion. He also said that everyone who listens to rock and roll and “gangster rap” will go to hell because of the sin the music represents. Brother Mica proceeded to list these “sins,” ranging from masturbation to smoking, while students yelled taunts like “You’re going to hell!” across the metal barricade made to keep him safe.

The FAU Police Department was also there for Brother Micah’s safety, but declined to comment. Two years ago, Brother Micah’s friend, Martin, was punched by a student. “My friend Martin was preaching out here, and a great big guy, all of a sudden he says, ‘Who said my mother was a whore?’ and he came barreling through the barricades and he took a swing at Martin.”

And yet he returns. In 2006 when Brother Micah became a full-time campus preacher, FAU was the first school he came to visit. He enjoys coming back.

Curious students quickly formed around the gate protecting Borther Micah. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

“It brings back good memories,” he said. He talks to students because they are “forming their belief system that they are going to stick with the rest of their life,” and he said he wants to influence that system.

Junior computer science major, David Geiger, enjoyed “watching other people get riled up” by Brother Micah’s statements. Geiger watched calmly, but some students were louder, and more obscene. Brother Micah replied to the threats with “You are out here listening to me,” and the show continued. After about an hour, the crowd of yelling students halted the sermon for several minutes. Brother Micah then took a break while Rabbi Abraham, who had joined Brother Micah that day, took over. After a thirty minute break, Brother Micah went back to preaching. He said, “Be sure to turn from your sin and turn to Jesus Christ and obey him and live a holy life, because sin will get you sent to hell.”

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  1. C on February 4th, 2012 9:18 pm

    On Thursday two guys actually went up to Brother Micah and started making out in front of him.

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