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No more $5 footlongs

Subway Cafe, set to open in late January or early February, will have a delivery service for students living in dorms. Photo by Christine Capozziello
Subway Cafe, set to open in late January or early February, will have a delivery service for students living in dorms. Photo by Christine Capozziello

As one of the official sponsors for the inaugural football game at FAU’s stadium, Subway received a game ball. Not long after, the company dropped the ball, according to FAU. Because of the time and effort required to build its new store, which will serve both fans at the games and the public, Subway was forced to close down its store inside the stadium for the remainder of this year.

The new Subway store, which will be located in the south end zone, is expected to be open year-round, according to Michael Smith, an associate director in Athletics.

John Giorgi, Subway Owls Inc. owner, expects the store will reopen between late January and early February. He said Subway’s contract with FAU initially projected opening on Jan. 13, but events such as the school’s 50th anniversary celebration set it back.

“The plan is that they will build a Subway Cafe, which is an upscale Subway with rock walls,” said Smith. “It only makes sense since we are in Boca.”

Subway signed a 10-year deal with FAU, with Smith estimating the cost of building the shop being between $300,000 to $500,000. It will have an outside entrance that will be accessible to people not attending the game. Only the Owls Team Shop has this feature as well.

“Subway is excited about this because they are the only food option for students in the dorms,” said Smith. “They will be capturing a whole audience on that side of campus, with its only competition being the Breezeway, which is a long walk.”

In addition, Subway is considering adding a delivery service for students living in the dorms.

“It would be just like a pizza place, you can order your sub and they’ll deliver it,” said Smith. “They are looking into it, but it’s not finalized yet because they don’t traditionally deliver food. They are trying to figure out if they can do it.”

Giorgi confirmed that delivery will be an option for students.

“Part of our plan is to have a delivery program in place,” said Giorgi. “It would be on a limited basis in terms of hours and we would have to abide by the rules and regulations, the college has for the dorms.”

Students are intrigued by the possibility.

“That would be really great since you wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the stadium,” said Grace Romeo, a junior elementary education major who lives in the IVA dorms. “It’s easier for people.”

Romeo, who ate Subway at the first home game, is saddened that it is temporarily closed.

“I’m disappointed we have to wait until January, but Subway is my favorite place to eat, so I’m excited for it to open back up,” said Romeo.

Not all students are enthusiastic about having Subway on campus, though.

“It’s not worth it,” said an anonymous student. “It’s not even a real footlong and it costs $7 dollars. I would rather spend money on gas to get it at the mall, where it’s an actual footlong for $5 instead.”

Chick-fil-A, which was removed from the stadium after a poor performance in the first game, could be allowed re-entry next year, according to Smith, based on its popularity with the fans. He says the inaugural game was a learning experience for Chick-fil-A.

“I don’t think they expected the crowd they got,” said Smith. “I think if they had to do it again they would have twice as many workers and twice as much food available.”

Giorgi ensures that Subway will not make the same mistakes Chick-fil-A made.

“We’ve been in the business for almost 30 years and we have always ensured that our quality and service is at the highest standard possible,” said Giorgi.

He says Subway has already hired some FAU students and encourages more students to apply.

For opening day, Giorgi guesses that Subway will have 10 to 15 people working, but game days will have 40 to 50 employees working.

With basketball season underway, Smith says Subway has a lot of deals for fans, such as: buy one sub, get one free, and team performance rewards. For example, if the team scores 100 points, fans get a free sub, or if the team makes a certain amount of three pointers, they get a free drink with the purchase of a meal.

“We will do a lot of promotions like that,” said Giorgi. “The challenge is to make it exclusive to FAU students, so that they can get a discount and not just anyone who shows up. It could be an operational issue, though, so we won’t offer that from the beginning, but we are looking into it.”

With Innovation Village set to expand, a five-story parking garge deck with retail underneath is coming in the future. Smith sees Subway as innovators.

“Subway is ahead of the curve,” said Smith. “They get a two-or three-year head start on the rest of the companies before there is more competition.”

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