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Why were you created?!

The sidekick: Always there to back up the lead character

and provide comic relief when appropriate. Then there are

the sidekicks who are just plain annoying, pointless and

painful to watch. A bad sidekick can bring even the coolest badass lead character down.

It’s a sad truth that we the viewer have to suffer. You can almost guarantee any animal or child superhero sidekick is an automatic fail. But there are hundreds of supporting characters that bring the whole entertainment aspect of a show or comic down. Who was the person in the final edit room who said “Pass the potato chips, because I am high on delight”? To call out these lame useless excuses for sidekicks, here’s the UP’s top ten.

10. Donkey, Shrek:

There’s a fine line between a comic

relief character and relief from a

comic character. He was funny at

first, but after four movies, enough

is enough. Donkey caused Shrek

more trouble than he already had,

and constantly complained about

everything. Not to mention he

was dumb as a rock and somehow

mated with a dragon which is

both disgusting and biologically

impossible. Then again, so is talking

donkeys and dragons.


09. Chuckie Finster, RUGRATS

For being a baby, he was really a baby.

He was Tommy Pickles’ best friend,

but he was a horrible friend. All he

did was shy away from everything

and everyone. Chucky complained,

cried, and ran away from everything.

Compared to the terrifying knife

wielding Chucky from the movies of

almost the exact same resemblance,

this Chuckie is a complete pushover.

There was not doubt he would grow

to be a socially awkward obsessivecompulsive

person. And when we

saw him in the later teenage version

of “Rugrats”, he was still…well…



08. Jubilee, X-Men

Jubilee is from the Generation X

class of “X-Men” and often played

a sidekick to Wolverine in the comic

books and television show. She

dressed like Doc Brown from Back to

the Future Part 2, and shot essentially

what were fireworks from her hands.

Her mutant powers in comparison

are like shooting a bunch of bottle

rockets on the fourth of July, while

your neighbors shoot off an illegal

batch of rainbow colored motors. In

other words, she was lame. Marvel

gave Jubilee her own comic series in

2004, but she was so unpopular that

it was cancelled after just six issues.



07. Jimmy Olsen, Superman

A photojournalist at the Daily

Planet, Jimmy Olsen was the “Peter

Parker” of DC comics…except for

the fact that he wasn’t a superhero

or cool. Olsen admired Superman to

the point of obsession and when he

wasn’t whining about how much he

wished he was the man of steel, he

was following around Clark Kent and

Louis Lane like a typical third wheel.


06. Bucky, Captain America 

Bucky was the former sidekick to

Steve Roger, also known as “Captain

America”. If you don’t know much

about Bucky, that’s because he was

quickly removed from the comic book

world due to unpopularity. However,

he made a triumphant return when

he took over for the presumed dead

“Captain America”. Then DC comics

pulled a “just kidding” and brought

back good ol’ Rogers


05. Snarf, Thundercats

Snarf was the sidekick cat pet of

the humanoid cat superheroes. Why

these cats had a pet cat is beyond us,

but what we do know is Snarf was an

extremely useless character. He added

nothing to the story and constantly

spewed nonsense dialogue where he

had to yelp the “snaaaaarrrfffff” after

every word.


04. Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo Where Are You?!

Scooby and Shaggy would have

made this list had it not been for

Scrappy Doo. He was introduced to

the show as Scooby’s nephew, and

if that didn’t boggle your mind, who

is Scooby’s sibling and how does

Scrappy just dropped by from time to

time? Never-the-less, Scrappy was a

poser. He pretended to be tough and

constantly annoyed everyone with

how much he wanted to fight, but

when it came time to step up, he was

nowhere to be seen.


03. Ma-Ti, Captain Planet

Captain Planet was a beloved

childhood cartoon that promoted a

clean Earth. The “Planeteers” were

teenagers from around the globe that

wore rings, which had cool powers

like fire, water, earth, and wind. Then

there was Ma-Ti…a twelve year old

kid from the Amazon who had the

ring of heart that allowed him to instill

love and compassion in the hearts of

his enemies. Because, when thugs

with machine guns surround you,

forget the power of fire or wind, heart

is what’s going to get those big bad

meat heads to drop their weapons…

right. All we can say to that is thank

god he didn’t get a spin off show.


02. Jason Todd, Batman

Jason Todd, who can be seen in

the comics, animated movies and

television shows, was the second

Robin behind Dick Greyson, who

went on to become Nighwing.

Greyson was an awesome Robin,

Todd…not so much. He was cocky,

loud, annoying, and eventually got

himself killed by the Joker leaving

Batman mentally messed up for

years. Way to go.


01. Jar Jar Binks, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

This may be the third time we’ve used a Star Wars reference, and yes, this is the second time it’s made the number one spot, but Jar Jar Binks is by far the most annoying sidekick character ever created. As if watching a whining young Anakin Skywalker wasn’t painful enough, George Lucas decided to give the future Darth Vader an annoying never-shuts-his-mouth sidekick alien.

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