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TV shows to catch up on

It’s tough to keep up with some television series during the semester. We’re often forced to miss an episode due to exams or weeks of a show because of papers we have to write.

But now summertime is here. We are finally free from the shackles of school life (sorry summer schoolers). Now we can sit back, relax and catch up on our favorite shows and possibly introduce ourselves to some new ones along the way.

Instead of flipping through the TV guide endlessly (do they even make those anymore?), we’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the best of the best shows to watch these days.

So power up your Netflix, dust off your satellite or boot up Hulu. Here’s our top 10 shows to catch up on.

10. Archer


This animated comedy is a cross between Get Smart and James Bond — and it is absolutely hysterical. The dialogue is extremely witty but very adult. So mind your virgin ears because there are a lot of sexual innuendos. The show just finished its second season, so this is a perfect time for you to introduce yourself to the series. If you like Family Guy or South Park, then you will most likely love this show.


9. Mad Men



If you haven’t seen this show before, now is the time to get caught up, as it has announced this next year will be its last season. So far the show has won 13 Emmys and four Golden Globes. So you know it must be good. The show is set in 1960s New York City following the life of Donald Draper, an ad executive at one of the city’s most prestigious ad companies. Bottom line, you get to watch him boss people around and sleep with every woman in the office.


8. Being Human


A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf all live in a house together. That’s not the start to a bad joke, that’s the premise of the television show Being Human. It might sound lame, but it’s actually a pretty addicting show. The show wrapped up its 13-episode series premier in April and was met with overall pleasing reviews. But beware Twilight fans, this isn’t the glittery fru fru love-stricken vampires and werewolves you’re used to. This show can get pretty gory. That’s what makes it awesome.


7. Burn Notice


This show is actually filmed right here in South Florida and has had FAU students and alumni appear as extras in some episodes. On top of that, it’s an awesomely entertaining show. The show stars Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell, the guy who got his fame from The Evil Dead movies. So you know it’s gold. That’s not sarcasm. Those movies were comedy gold.


6. Community


Everyone who goes to college should watch Community, because it’s about college. Comedian Joel McHale plays a guy who is forced to go back to college after his law degree is discovered to be from Colombia. Not Columbia University. Funny man Chevy Chase even stars in this show, playing a kooky old guy, which is probably not too far off from how he actually is these days.


5. The Walking Dead


Originally a graphic novel series, The Walking Dead has made a really awesome transition into the world of television. The show chronicles the journey of a small group of survivors after a zombie apocalypse. Since apocalypse scenarios seem to be “in” right now, this is a great show to get your zombie fix. The show has just been picked up for a second season by AMC, so this is a good opportunity to watch the show and check out the graphic novels.


4. True Blood


True Blood follows the story of a telepathic waitress who falls in love with a vampire. That may sound like Twilight, but this show is actually for adults, and holds high entertainment value. The show is based off a series of novels called The Southern Vampire Mysteries, and in the show’s three seasons it’s won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Because the show is on HBO, there’s a lack of censoring. What this means for you: sexy vampires and lots of gore.


3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Arguably one of the funniest shows on television. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is now working on its seventh season and shows no signs of stopping. The show follows the lives of five moderately poor bar owners who can’t seem to run their own lives properly, let alone a bar. The comedic banter is very witty, which makes it a show you can watch over and over and never get tired of it. If you want to see where the original green man came from, here it is.


2. Dexter


This show does the seemingly impossible by making the viewer fall in love with and root for a serial killer. But he only kills bad guys, so that makes it okay. Right? The show takes place in Miami but is actually shot entirely in Hollywood, excluding some b-roll footage of locations. Dexter is ridiculously addictive and you’ll easily waste an entire day trying to burn through a season. But that’s what summer is for.


1. The Office


The Office just finished its seventh and what was presumed to be its final season. With the departure of front man Steve Carell, it seemed as though that would be it for the hit mocumentary series. But alas, the show appears to be set to return and with a new boss. People like Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, James Spader, and Ricky Gervais from the British version of The Office have all thrown their hats into the ring. The show is at a very exciting time and is still as funny as ever.

Other shows we highly recommend

The LeagueFX

Stargate Universe – Syfy

Modern FamilyABC


30 RockNBC


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