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Introducing the Vita

Over 6,000 people were in attendance to experience Sony’s E3 conference. And after two hours of presentations, it came to one conclusion: Sony has a ton of exclusive deals.

Sony of America CEO Jack Tretton hosted the conference and got things started by briefly addressing the recent PS3 hacks. But instead of going into detail or directly mentioning any of the incidents, he simply said one line, and moved on.

“There’s nothing like bad news and controversy,” said Tretton. “So to all the media, you’re welcome.”

The conference then quickly moved forward with a new trailer and game play demo of the much anticipated PS3 exclusive Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception.

Sony then got into their games that are compatible with the Playstation Move and are 3D. It started with a trailer for Resistance 3  which will be released in a 3D bundle that contains its own 24 inch 3D monitor, glasses, and HDMI cord.

To demonstrate how Sony is incorporating the Move with sports titles, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers came out on stage to play NBA 2K12. His performance started out rough but he eventually made a shot and claimed it’s a realistic experience. Although it would make more sense than actually going outside with a basketball is the most realistic experience.

Sony rattled off a ton of new game trailers including inFAMOUS 2, Starhawk, Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time, and Dust 514 which is an exclusive PS3 game that has a beta coming out later this year. But that wasn’t all. Another wave of announcements about PSN exclusive content came for games like SSX, Need for Speed: The Run, and Battlefield 3.

Finally, after an hour of game trailers and demos, Sony unveiled their most anticipated announcement, the NGP. This handheld device now has an official name, the Playstation Vita. But what’s really remarkable is the fact that it supports graphics that match the PS3. The graphic power of the Vita was shown with a demo of Uncharted Golden Abyss which looked like it came straight from the PS3 into the Vita.

Another cool feature the Vita supports is the ability to transfer saved data from your hand held to the console. This was demonstrated with the game Ruin in which they paused the game on the Vita, plugged it into the PS3, and continued playing where they left off right on the console.

The Vita will be launching with what seems like a good variety of titles that included ModNation Racers and a hint at an exclusive Bioshock game.

The Vita features both WiFi and 3G network capabilities and will have an exclusive deal with AT&T. Prices were also announced as the WiFi Vita will be $249.99 and the 3G/WiFi Vita will cost $299.99.

But Sony still wasn’t done. They had one more game to showcase: Street Fighter X Tekken. After the new trailer, Sony made their final announcement that another version of the game would also be coming to the Vita.

Sony’s announcement of a ton of new game titles and sequels was great, and the showcasing of the Vita made us want to get our hands on it, but overall, there was no earth shattering news. The conference had the same feel as Microsoft, a little more flair to the same old stuff we already have.


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