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Game changers

Electronic Arts is known as one of the largest distributors of 3rd party software. When EA goes to E3 they bring the best of the best. This year was no different.

The first and possibly most impressive title (judging by the crowds reaction) was the display of the flag-ship title for next year, Mass Effect 3. The demo showed off new abilities, story shots and the release date for next year (March 6, 2012).

Staying on EA’s Bioware drive, they left John Shepard and traveled to a galaxy far away displaying what is most likely the full game trailer for one of the most looked forward to MMO (massive multiplayer online) titles, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many people were hoping for a release date, but the force is apparently being blocked on that information.

Shifting gears, the presentation then turned to the latest Need for Speed series, Need for Speed: the Run. This title offers features such as an auto logger, which will track your progress and compare to your friends and the other communities.

The conference then turned to sports, as EA showcased the features for its sport driven games: SSX, Madden, and FIFA. All three offer new features, such as online community support, better leader tacking and more competition for friends who play together.

Taking a step back from the power houses players knew about, EA showed off two new titles. The first was Reckoning, a fantasy hack and slash featuring some of the best of the industry, such as Todd McFarlane on the artwork and legendary fantasy writer Ra Savaitore on the plot.

The other title, Overstrike, is a humorous espionage game featuring colorful personalities who are labeled as misfits and band together to form a team. The potential combat and high quality art in the game trailer was highlighted.

Last but not least, EA showed off its title of the year: Battlefield 3. Featuring its new Frostbite 2 game engine, the trailer showed in game action with crisp graphics and intense game play. This is the game that has kept many first-person shooter fans waiting for a long time. It is being hailed as the game to beat and overthrow the Call of Duty series.

EA called their conference Game Changers and their upcoming year seems to fit the title.

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