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From your fingertips to the silver screen

It’s no secret that the majority of movies based on video games really suck.

There are some that weren’t so bad, like Mortal Kombat or Prince of Persia. But then there are the ones that were just flat-out horrendous, like Super Mario Brothers. However, video games based on movies are usually pretty lame as


After years of suffering through sub-par movie adaptations of video games, we deserve at least one that is epic and satisfying.

To help Hollywood get their heads on straight and stop them from making movies like Candy Land and Rollercoaster Tycoon (I’m not making that up; it’s a scary reality we will all have to live with), we’ve compiled a list of what we believe would be the best candidates.

10. Quake

Before there was Halo, there was Quake. The franchise seemed to die off since the latest release of Quake Wars a few years ago, but it’s still a franchise that gamers hold close to their hearts. The plot is simple: Marines fighting human cyborg creatures who want to kill everyone. Of course the plot is actually more detailed and complicated than that, but that’s what screenwriters are for.


9. Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar is known for making games that have really awesome story lines, with Grand Theft Auto being their most prominent. If we had to pick one specific GTA title as a movie, it would have to be Vice City, simply for the awesome soundtrack. If we could choose an actor to star in the movie, it would have to be mister action movie himself, Jason Statham. He even kind of looks like Niko from GTA IV … just saying, Hollywood.


8. Gears of War

The fact that this isn’t already a movie is a little surprising. However, judging from the failed attempts at making a Halo movie, the budget for Gears of War would be pretty high. But the game holds all the qualities of an awesome sci-fi action movie. Aliens, blood, gore, big guns and a lot of war. Sound enticing? Yeah, we think so too.


7. Left 4 Dead

Out of all the zombie games out there, Left 4 Dead is one that would actually be a fantastic addition to the zombie movie world. It has something for every horror fan: lots of guns, lots of zombies, weird zombie puke, and scary witch zombies that sound like screaming babies on fire. Who wouldn’t love that?


6. World of Warcraft

Okay, so the budget on a World of Warcraft movie would probably be astronomical, but it would be totally worth it. If made right, this movie would destroy at the box office. As of March 2011, WoW has 11.4 million subscribers. Do the math with $10 being the average price for a movie ticket … yeah. Exactly. Of course, if the movie sucks, you’ll have 11.4 million angry diehard fans. So it’s a gamble.


5. Halo

The Halo movie has been tossed around in Hollywood for some time now. The closest they came was a 10-minute test shoot that you can watch on YouTube. Currently Dreamworks holds the rights to a Halo movie, and claim that they are working on a screenplay based on the Halo novels and will not have Master Chief. That’s a little disappointing and, although this means Halo will be a movie, it stays on our list for the sole purpose of wishing for an actually good kick-ass action movie.


4. Mass Effect

The second game in the franchise has won more awards that you can even imagine, but what’s really exciting is that a Mass Effect movie may be closer than we think. Legendary Pictures currently holds the rights to the movie and have teamed up with the producers behind The Dark Knight and Spider-Man. The movie is still in its very early stages and always has the possibility of falling through, but the fact that we are so close to getting our wish is very exciting and also scary. We know what you do to video-game movies, Hollywood. If you care at all for the sanity of the human race, don’t screw this one up … please?


3. The Legend of Zelda

Since we don’t seem to be getting too many new versions of this game anymore, a movie would be the next logical step. Right? If The Hobbit gets to be a movie, we don’t see why Zelda shouldn’t be. In fact, this should be Peter Jackson’s next project. He would do justice to the Zelda franchise. Orlando Boom as Link, anyone?


2. Bioshock

This was almost a movie, but the budget got to be uncomfortably high for Hollywood. We say, screw it. Make the movie anyway. The world of Bioshock is insanely awesome. The concept of an entire city underwater filled with insane scientists, doctors and people who are addicted to gene-splicing drugs is an awesome plot.


1. Assassin’s Creed

This franchise has one of the most intriguing plots ever in a video game. Instead of making shoddy side games for the Nintendo DS, Ubisoft should be working on a movie — and they might be doing just that. Ubisoft recently announced that they are opening a movie studio to create films out of their most popular video game franchises. While a Rayman movie would be quite the acid trip, an Assassin’s Creed movie would hopefully be as amazing as the game. Keep your fingers crossed, gamers. The announcement is hopefully just days away.


What video game do you want to see made into a movie? Tell us at upressonline.com.

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