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Florida Beaches

Summer is a time of relaxation, leisure and getting rid of uneven tan lines.

It’s easy to just sit out on your patio or drive a few seconds to your closest beach and lay out in the sun. Instead of just going to the beach to get tan, how about going to a beach you’ll never forget? Florida is known for its pristine beaches, and some of them aren’t that far away.

To help you find that perfect sun bathing destination, here are our top ten Florida beaches.

10. Blizzard Beach

Alright, so it’s not really a beach, but it has beach in its name so it made the list on a technicality. Located in Walt Disney World, Blizzard Beach is one of two water parks (the other being Typhoon Lagoon). The park features one of the world’s largest and fastest free falling water slides. The most relaxing area is the Polar Patio, which is a handful of secluded patio decks complete with lounge chairs and coolers. A few friends, a few beers and insane plunges down a crazy water slide equal a good day.


9. Ft. Lauderdale

You don’t have to travel hours away to experience a fantastic beach. Fort Lauderdale features miles of relaxing beaches with tons of stuff to do in the city. Right across from FAU’s Ft. Lauderdale campus is Las Olas riverfront, which features tons of nightlife entertainment like Off the Hookah and Living Room nightclub. To see some more cool destinations in Ft. Lauderdale, check out the top ten bars list.


8. Daytona Beach

It’s one of the only beaches you can actually drive on. Which means you can drive your car right up to the spot where you want to relax and essentially have a tailgate on the beach. However, if you just feel like going for a little drive on the coastline the speed limit is ten miles an hour so that might take you quite a while. When you need a break from the sun, head onto the Daytona pier boardwalk where you can eat, relax and enjoy some nightlife entertainment.


7. Cocoa Beach

Known as the small wave capital of the world, Cocoa Beach is a great place for experienced and new surfers alike. Home to Ron Jon Surf Shop and Cocoa Beach Surf Company, this is a beach that knows surfing. They are so serious the multi-level Ron Jon is open 24 hours every day of the week. Now that’s a town dedicated to beach life.


6. Sanibel Island

Sanibel is mostly known for its seashell collecting, or shelling, as it’s known. But that’s not the only reason why it’s a fantastic beach. Sanibel Beach is made up of two islands: Captiva and Sanibel. Captiva has over 20 miles of bike paths and 15 miles of white sand beaches, making it a perfect romantic hot spot. Sanibel is also known for its 50 plus types of fish to catch and multitude of birds. So if you’re really into nature, this is the place for you.


5. Panama City Beach

It doesn’t have to be spring break to party on Panama City beach. But a hardy party isn’t the only reason to visit this beach. It’s also a popular destination for water sports like sailing and jet skiing. And if you like to snorkel, there are tons of sunken ships off the coast to go explore. If for some reason the beach isn’t your thing, in which case it’s odd you’re reading this list, Panama City was ranked the third best golf city in America by Golf Digest. Underwater golfing around the sunken ships, anyone?


4. Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian is not only the best surfing spot in Florida. It’s also home to the Sebastian Pro Surfing Contest, the largest annual tournament on the Atlantic Seaboard. That makes it known as one of the best surf spots on the east coast. You don’t have to waste your money traveling to California or Hawaii when you already have a word renowned surf spot right in your home state.


3. Bahia Honda Key

This Key is made up of several different beaches along the Florida Keys, just north of Big Pine Key. These beaches are known for their white sand and crystal clear water. Sandspur beach was ranked number seven on Travel Channel’s Best Florida Beaches. Snorkeling, jet skiing and kayaking are among the popular water sports, and Bahia Honda Key has plenty of spots to participate. If you just want a place to relax, this would definitely be it.


2. Lummus Beach

Located about an hour away from Boca Raton along South Beach, Lummus is one of the most popular Florida beach destinations – and it’s topless sunbathing tolerant. Lummus Beach is a popular destination for fashion magazine photo shoots, which is why it is also known as Glitter Beach to residents. You can enjoy the “view” on the beach all day and then head over to the strip for some awesome nightlife entertainment.


1. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is famous for its crystal white sands, emerald green waters, beautiful sunsets and abundant wildlife. The sand on Siesta Beach is tested 99% pure quartz, which makes it soft and cool. This beach is so delightful that is has been consistently called the finest white sand beach in the world. With over 40 acres of land, there’s definitely a spot to relax. This is without a doubt our number one beach choice. Too bad the UP doesn’t operate off of Siesta Key.

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