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Activities to Escape the Heat

If there’s one thing South Florida summers are most known for, it’s the overwhelming heat. You could break a sweat just from standing outside for less than five minutes.

So to give your sun-drenched skin and dehydrated bodies a break from the overbearing summer sun, we’ve compiled a list of awesome things to do that will still get you out of the house when you feel cooped up.

We’re counting down the top 10 indoor activates to escape the heat.


10. The mall

Pick a mall, any mall. They all have their own interesting features and charm to them. Whether you go to shop or just walk around and browse, the mall is a great place to go when it gets too hot. Main reason: a working air conditioner. Really, any place with a working air unit will suffice, but why not make it somewhere a little more entertaining like a mall?


9. Ice skating

The best way to forget you’re sweating to death in the scorching heat is to imagine yourself on top of a mountain with the cool air breezing through your hair. And when you discover that method never works, the next best option is to take a trip to the ice skating rink. It’s one of the only buildings in the summertime that will actually make you want to put on a jacket. It’s also fun to watch people fall down on the ice. Unless you are one of those people.


8. Florida Supercon

For four days every summer, the comic book world unites in the Miami Convention Center to put on Florida Supercon. Comic collectors, cosplayers and superhero fans alike all flock to this event for what is essentially a scaled-down version of the San Diego Comic-Con. This year from July 1 to 4 you can enjoy air conditioning and a nerdtopia of entertainment.


7. Miami Science Museum

If you’re going to find indoor shelter from the heat, you might as well learn a little something while you’re there. The Miami Science Museum is a pretty awesome venue. Not only is it visually striking, but it houses its own planetarium that’s open to the public daily. If you don’t know what that means, it’s a giant room where you can sit and gaze at the stars while music blasts with a laser show. It’s like a really awesome rock concert.


6. GameRoom

If you’re going to spend your summer days playing video games, then it’s good to get out of the house once in a while. And if you’re going to leave the house, why not go where you really want to be, the arcade. GameRoom, located at the Oasis at the Sawgrass Mills Mall, is an awesome arcade filled with modern and classic games. But what makes it even better is the sports bar inside it. It’s like a Dave & Busters, only not as expensive … and with better food. Every Tuesday and Thursday $10 will let you play all night to your heart’s desire, and it’s18 and over only after 9 p.m.


5. X-treme Rock Climbing

Located in Miami, this is essentially a giant building with a bunch of rock climbing walls in it. And it’s freakin’ awesome. For $15 you can go buck wild and act like a monkey for an entire day. Just be careful, it may look easy, but it’s actually more difficult than you think. Not to worry, though — there are trainers literally bouncing off the walls to help you out.


4. Xtreme Indoor Karting

From one extreme to another, indoor go-karts is an insane adrenaline rush. Located in Fort Lauderdale, it’s the only place in South Florida to race go-karts indoors. The karts go up to 45 mph and race along a half-mile track. And when you’re waiting for your next race, you can hang out at the indoor mini-golf course or bowling alley. Yeah. This place is enormous and awesome.



3. Beer pong tournaments

It’s the fastest-growing sport on college campuses, and whether you enjoy playing for fun or money it’s an awesome way to get out of the heat. Host a tournament of your own at a house or take on teams at one of the many hosted tournaments at bars like O’Malley’s Sports Bar in Margate. Every Wednesday you can enter a team to be in a beer pong tournament that usually lasts all night.



2. Laser Quest

You may have played laser tag when you were a kid, and if you didn’t, it’s still an awesome activity. Located in Sunrise, Laser Quest is an awesome little place that makes laser tag awesome for adults. Every night, Laser Quest hosts iron man missions, which put you in the laser pit for 30 heart-pounding minutes. The pit is dark and blasted with fog, lasers and music. It’s like being in a sci-fi movie. If you think you’re too cool for laser tag, just one game will get you hooked.


1. Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream and air conditioning — the perfect combo to escape the blazing summer sun. Jaxson’s isn’t just any ice cream place, it’s a South Florida icon. Jaxson’s has been serving ice cream since 1956 and has been in the same location on Federal Highway in Dania Beach ever since. You can get ice cream right from the walk-up counter, or you can have a real treat and take a seat inside and gaze upon hundreds of items of pop-culture memorabilia that cover the walls.

If you’re really feeling daring, have yourself the kitchen sink, which is literally a kitchen-sink-sized bowl of ice cream. If you finish, you can keep the bowl, but at that point, you’ve probably already passed out at the table from the ice cream coma.

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