Despite a winless football team, the Homecoming game still has its appeal


Michael Copeland, sophomore, pre-business: “Since I play for them, I don’t really have a choice.

Ryan Cortes

At most schools, Homecoming week is a week of celebration, and the pinnacle of it all is the Homecoming football game.

It’s usually a game where the home team schedules an easy opponent, and after beating up on the other team all night, fans take a break and crown the Homecoming king and queen.

For FAU though, it’s a different story this year.

After starting the season 0-7, the football team doesn’t get to play an easy opponent because when you’re 0-7, easy opponents aren’t readily available. Instead, FAU will play its Homecoming game against Arkansas State (the first place team in the Sun Belt), another team FAU will be favored to lose against.

Given that, the UP asked FAU students if the team’s track record this year will make it difficult to celebrate Homecoming in the usual way.

How is your school spirit going into the Homecoming game?

Photos by Amy Ishoy