Student Government officials and students at the Florida Capitol in November. Photo courtesy of Student body Vice President Celine Persaud's Instagram.

SG helps secure funding for FAU food and housing insecurity

February 17, 2020

If passed by the Florida House of Representatives, the bill could allocate a portion of $340,000 to FAU’s ​Educate Tomorrow​, a program dedicated to supporting students who are homeless or who aged out of foster care.

Bloomingdales at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton.

Balloon pop caused Town Center panic Sunday, police say

October 15, 2019

Boca police received reports of a shooting at the Boca Town Center mall in the food court area Sunday at around 3 p.m. They released a public statement Tuesday s...

Boca police preparing for a press briefing Sunday afternoon after gunshots were reported in the Town Center Mall. Photo by Israel Fontoura

Update: 1 injured in suspected shooting incident at mall near FAU, police say

October 13, 2019

Police say there was no evidence of gunfire.

Meet your Student Government leaders this year

Meet your Student Government leaders this year

August 26, 2019

Last semester, Student Government held its annual election and if you didn't vote, you most likely have no idea who won. In fact, ...

Max Jackson | former Staff Photographer

Retired FAU librarian dies after being beaten, burned by delivery man in Boca

August 21, 2019

Former FAU librarian Evelyn Smith Udell, 75, died after she was beaten and burned in her home by a delivery man dropping off ...

James Tracy guest lecturing in political science professor Marshall DeRosa's class last year. Photo by Alexander Rodriguez

Former FAU professor, Sandy Hook conspiracist to appeal his firing

August 2, 2019

FAU fired James Tracy in 2015 after writing on his blog that Sandy Hook was a “hoax.” Now a federal court could overturn his case.

Dr. Jane Goodall –– courtesy of the Jane Goodall Institute website

Jane Goodall talks life experiences, environmental conservation at FAU

March 22, 2019

Walking on stage dressed in a periwinkle kimono, her silver hair tied back and stuffed monkey in arm, Dr. Jane Goodall was gr...

Gopher Tortoises provide shelter and resources for other species at FAU's nature preserve —but they are in danger. Photo courtesy of FAU.

FAU’s threatened gopher tortoise population is disappearing

February 19, 2019

And if they die off, so do several other species.

The student Senate agreed on a UBAC budget on Friday. Photo courtesy of Kristen Grau

Senate agrees on budget for 2019-2020 fiscal year, makes additional cuts to University Press

February 2, 2019

Correction February 2 2:20 p.m. This story has been corrected as Humphreys was not the one to call the Jupiter homecoming the "weakes...

Rep. Alexander Suarez spoke to the House last Friday, a day before he resigned.  Photo by Israel Fontoura

Boca House member resigns before his impeachment hearing

January 22, 2019

Rep. Alexander Suarez sent a letter of resignation to Student Government this past Saturday.

Student Government logo. Courtesy of FAU SG.

Boca House of Representatives meets for the first time this semester

January 11, 2019

Three LGBTQ-inclusive bills were passed.

Andrew Gillum plans to enact gun control if he wins the election, and is also in favor of cheaper college education. Photo courtesy of Andrew Gillum's Facebook

Opinion: Fight for our democracy — vote for Andrew Gillum

November 2, 2018

We need a governor who stands for the marginalized and working class, not for the privileged and wealthy.