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SG proposes t-shirts to raise mental health awareness

February 6, 2020

Because of the November suicide on campus, Reps. Jerry Lazarre and Rachelle Saint Louis authored a bill to give away free t-shirts to students to promote mental health awareness and resources. But some House members questioned how effective $1,900 worth of shirts would be.

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FAU improves counselor ratio and mental health programming

October 7, 2019

The state organization that oversees higher-education said FAU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) counselor-to-st...

Sebastian Riella. Riella is a football player who spoke up about mental health on Twitter, which spurred Athletics to launch different mental health awareness programs. Photo by Alex Liscio

FAU punter calls out mental health stigma for student athletes

October 4, 2019

FAU Athletics announced they're launching different mental health initiatives after Sebastian Riella, a football player, started raising awareness on Twitter.

FAU's Counseling and Psychological Services office   on the second floor of the Breezeway. They recently launched a virtual program that teaches college students how to spot signs of mental health problems and how to be an effective listener. University Press file photo

FAU to raise mental health awareness using virtual program

July 18, 2019

FAU and nearly 300 other colleges are taking a new approach toward teaching how to spot potential mental health problems in friends and family.

Boca Governor Luke Turner  gives the

FAU Boca governor discusses recent campus, Student Government accomplishments

October 18, 2018

Luke Turner outlined the progress made in his first semester as governor.

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How to stay healthy at school

September 17, 2015

Approximately 85 percent of college students experience stress every day according to a research survey conducted in 2009 by the Associated Press and MTV. And scarfing down a whole box of mac and cheese to help cope with the stress can be hard on your health.