DeSantis announces intent to defund diversity, equity, and inclusion at Florida universities

Recently, FAU turned over information regarding their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


Ron DeSantis at the news conference on June 22, 2022.

Savannah Peifer, Editor-in-Chief

In an attempt to push back against what he believes is “the tactics of liberal elites,” Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in a Tuesday press conference his intent to defund programs tied to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The announcement comes on the heels of a series of requests the governor’s office made to state universities earlier this month for details on funding of programs, how much of that funding comes from the state, and the positions tied to such programs. 

In a press release, DeSantis shared his intent to emphasize western tradition.

“In Florida, we will build off of our higher education reforms by aligning core curriculum to the values of liberty and the Western tradition, eliminating politicized bureaucracies like DEI,” the release read. 

FAU Faculty Senate members have collectively denounced DeSantis’ actions, claiming they would be detrimental for students and faculty in a response to the request, which is included in an agenda from their Monday meeting. 

“Collectively, we stand against any erosion of work related to DEI, as it would harm our students, our faculty, our community, and the ideals of education,” the statement reads.

The Faculty Senate calls on elected officials to end their efforts to change DEI programs. 

“We urge our elected leaders to realize the damage these mischaracterizations and scare tactics are doing to the State, to the reputation of its institutions and to the morale of its world-class educators,” their statement reads.

SG officials did not respond to requests for comment prior to publication time. Neither did personnel from Multicultural Programming or the Center for IDEAS — Inclusion, Diversity Education, and Advocacy — which have offices in the Student Union.

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