Boca House of Representatives elects Isabella Feaheny as speaker pro tempore

Feaheny won the nomination by a 9-6 vote.


Student Government logo. Photo courtesy of SG.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On Oct. 7, the Boca House of Representatives elected Isabella Feaheny as speaker pro tempore.

Feaheny, who served as the rules and policies chair for the summer semester, ran against incumbent Speaker Pro Tempore Alexander Cedeño and won the nomination by a 9-6 vote.

“This is a job with a huge time commitment that I am fully prepared to handle,” Feaheny said. “I am ready to dedicate four days a week, Tuesday to Friday, to be in the offices and meetings answering questions, working on legislation, and collaborating with everyone in order to have the most productive legislative session ever.” 

The speaker pro tempore assists the house speaker for meetings, acting as a vice president. Feaheny pledges to dedicate her time to helping new representatives adapt in the house.

“Sometimes, I notice a lot of people feel that Student Government is overly intense, and I want to ensure that none of you ever feel that way,” Feaheny said. “I want everyone to feel comfortable reaching out to me for any guidance and to ensure that the overall tone of Student Government remains very friendly while we’re still very hard-working.”

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