Boca House of Representatives confirms two members to administrative positions

House members appointed Alexander Cedeno to campus action chair and Joniya Carlton to house marketing officer.


House Speaker Dylan Hobbs-Fernie conducts the October 17 Boca House meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On Oct. 14, the Boca House of Representatives appointed Alexander Cedeno and Joniya Carlton to the positions of campus action chair and house marketing officer, respectively.

For the role of campus action chair, responsibilities involve leading the Campus Action Committee while considering and advocating for student concerns on behalf of Student Government.

“As campus action chair, I would like to work on making Student Government a more approachable and known place of business,” said Cedeno, who served as speaker pro tempore over the summer semester. 

Some responsibilities of house marketing officer include that of promoting the house on social media to the student body. Instead of posting once a month, Carlton plans to do so frequently to get the word out to students.

“Students need to know not only their representatives’ faces but also their names. I want the House of Reps’ Instagram page to showcase our representatives, meetings, and initiatives,” Carlton said. “I believe that I will help further the relationship between students and the representatives one step at a time.”

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