Boca House of Representatives appoints four members to administrative positions

House members confirmed Alexander Esquen to parliamentarian, Leann Mervilus to secretary, Jay Goodman to rules and policies chair, and Liam Feeney to house administrative officer.


Screenshot of the October 28 Boca House meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On Oct. 28, the Boca House of Representatives confirmed Alexander Esquen, Leann Mervilus, Jay Goodman, and Liam Feeney to the positions of parliamentarian, secretary, rules and policies chair, and house administrative officer, respectively.

The parliamentarian is responsible for ensuring representatives are following rules and procedures in every meeting.

I would like to prepare us for the future when we have the opportunity to discuss, debate, and talk about things that may be more contentious,” said Esquen, who served at the position since the summer semester. “I really hope to provide parliamentarian procedure training for you as well as leading by example and continuing to speak when I can and do the things I’ve already done.”

The roles of house secretary include keeping minutes, taking roll calls, maintaining voting sheets, and recording absences at all house meetings.

“This is a position that requires commitment, which I am prepared to do so,” said Mervilus, who wants to create a calendar to connect Student Government with the student body. “I feel that the House of Reps’ social media pages may be useful to let students know about upcoming dates using this calendar.”

The Rules and Policies Committee ensures all programs and legislation follow the Student Government Constitution, statutes, and other rules and regulations, and the chair is responsible for maintaining that objective. Statutes consist of laws the house passes that they follow thereafter.

“I do believe that I am qualified for this position and I’ll be able to chair the meetings effectively,” Goodman said. “I hope that these skills I’ve gained will make me a resource to anyone in the house [who] needs it, and I look forward to working with all of you.”

As house administrative officer, Feeney hopes to manage tasks with the house speaker and secretary in an efficient manner.

“Doing this will teach me more about the house and also help me be a better representative in the house and actually get things done to help the student body of FAU,” Feeney said.

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