Boca House of Representatives appoints Darius Galloway to Ways and Means chair

At his position, Galloway will lead the Ways and Means Committee.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On Oct. 21, the Boca House of Representatives confirmed Darius Galloway to the position of Ways and Means chair.

Courtesy of Darius Galloway

I feel really excited and honored to be confirmed as ways and means chair,” Galloway said. “I’m just so eager to work and to serve our student body, so I’m always nervous when applying for big positions.”

The chair is responsible for leading the Ways and Means Committee, which ensures the expenditure of Activity and Service (A&S) Fees are allocated to the accounts on the Boca Raton Campus. Galloway plans to first reallocate money back into the Night Owls program so that they can provide more resources to the student body.

“[I will also] help organizations that have requested funding from the House of Representatives,” Galloway said. “I would like the registered student organizations to know that we in Student Government are here to help and better serve.”

Galloway also intends to improve SG’s connection with the student body by going to different events for different organizations and clubs. He says doing so will make students feel at ease when they need help.

“My plan is to use my position when it comes downs to funding, and let students know how strong their voices are,” Galloway said. “Without students paying their Activity & Service Fee, Student Government would be nothing. Therefore, we must listen and uphold the duty to our peers on which we were elected.”

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