President John Kelly announces 3% raise for some faculty members starting in July

The raise will not cover employees represented by a union or student employees.

Michael Gennaro, Managing Editor

In an email, President John Kelly announced that some university faculty will receive a 3% raise to their base salaries in July. Kelly cited rising costs of living in South Florida as a reason for the raise.

“Dear FAU Colleagues, I have some extremely well-deserved news. Next month, all eligible employees will receive a 3 percent increase in base pay…,” Kelly wrote in the email. “The effective date of the increase is July 9, 2022, and will be reflected in your July 29, 2022, paychecks. I hope this will help alleviate recent cost of living increases we all have experienced.”

The raise for some FAU faculty comes before Florida’s minimum wage increases on Sept. 30. The new minimum wage in the state will be $11 per hour.

According to Kelly’s statement and a human resources file, eligible employees are Administrative Managerial Personnel (AMP), Support Personnel (SP), and out-of-unit faculty.

The raise will not cover employees represented by a union because their salaries are negotiated in a collective bargaining process, according to the email. 

Excluded from the raise are employees who have received a written or oral disciplinary action of reprimand, as well as employees that are currently under an active Performance Improvement Plan, tools to help employees with performance deficiencies succeed in the workplace.

Employees laid off or fired before June 24 are also not eligible for the raise. 

Temporary employees, including student employees, will not get the raise, along with adjunct faculty, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Senior Research Fellows. 

Employees of the College of Medicine are also not included. The HR file states, “The College of Medicine, designated as a ‘Special Unit’ and separately funded by the Florida legislature, may develop its own compensation package for College of Medicine out-of-unit faculty and employees this year, which will be determined based on performance, within the limits of available funds.”

In addition to the raise, Kelly said a lump sum will be available to AMP, SP, and out-of-unit faculty employees in the Fall 2022 semester.

“Eligible employees will receive a one-time bonus of either 3 percent of their annual base salary or $1,000, whichever is higher. Again, there are eligibility conditions,” Kelly wrote. “More information will be made available nearer the time. These funds will be reflected in your paychecks around Thanksgiving/winter break. I will update you on exactly when you will receive the bonus nearer the time.”

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