Boca House of Representatives appoints Alexander Esquen as parliamentarian

House members unanimously confirmed Esquen for the position.


House Speaker Dylan Hobbs-Fernie conducts the June 10 Boca House meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Richard Pereira, News Editor

On June 10, the Boca Raton House of Representatives confirmed member Alexander Esquen for the position of parliamentarian.

The parliamentarian is responsible for ensuring representatives are following rules and procedures in every meeting.

Esquen, majoring in English and criminal justice, has been part of the house since the Spring 2022 semester and learned his way around by picking up on how representatives made motions and went about business in the house.

“I kept telling everybody I really want this to be my job because this is something I really love and I want this to be a priority,” Esquen said. “Now that I’ve had the opportunity to make this my job, I am really excited for the opportunity.”

Esquen’s long-term goals involve reforming policy through Robert’s Rules of Order, which serves as a guide to assist house members in conducting meetings and making decisions as a group.

“I want to build a house that not only is functioning but is [also] fluent in Robert’s Rules of Order,” Esquen said. “In the long term, I want to make sure we continue to maintain professionalism and hold up our end of the bargain.”

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