Hiring starting for paid SG positions

Current SG leaders encourage students to apply for various positions


Student Government logo. Photo courtesy of SG.

Justine Kantor, News Editor

There are 17 open jobs available within Student Government — and they’re all paid. 

SG is looking for students to fill positions within the President’s Administrative Cabinet (PAC), as well as the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet (GAC). 

“We love seeing new faces make a change on campus,” said Boca Raton Campus Governor Rhoda Hoods. 

The applications are available on Owl Central until March 25.

Students can fill out an application for any position under the “FY23 Boca Raton Campus Student Employment Application” form

After completing the application, students will receive an email declaring whether or not they are eligible for employment. 

To be eligible for employment, students must be taking at least six credit hours and be in good academic standing.

Hired students will take on the positions beginning May 1. 

“The President’s Administrative Cabinet is searching for motivated, ambitious individuals who have a drive for leadership to advance our student body!” said President-elect Pierce Kennamer in an email sent out to students.

The GAC consists of many student-involvement organizations that work alongside the Boca Raton Campus Governor. 

“[Students] should certainly apply if you have experience with event planning, marketing, videography, and managing a budget,” said Boca Raton Campus Governor-elect Deanna Mancuso.

Kennamer’s email provided brief descriptions of each available position within PAC.

President’s Administrative Cabinet: 

  • President’s Chief of Staff Chief Liaison between the President’s Administrative Cabinet and Student Government Programs on call campuses. Shall create meeting agendas and shall manage executive meetings. 
  • President’s Assistant – Assisting the Student Body President with the scheduling of meetings, assisting on the President’s Executive Projects.
  • VP’s Assistant Assisting the Student Body Vice President with the scheduling of senate meetings, assisting the Vice President plan and coordinate meetings, work with the Vice President on her projects for the year.  
  • Elections Chair Serve as the chairperson of the Elections Board and shall faithfully execute those duties and responsibilities designated by the Student Government Constitution and this Chapter of the Student Body Statutes to conduct proper elections by the Elections Board.
  • Marketing Director Management of University-Wide Student Government Social Media and Marketing efforts, including creating graphics, posters, flyers, etc. The Marketing Director will also be tasked with the creation of new marketing techniques. Experience with Social Media Management/previous marketing experience is preferred. 
  • Chief Financial Officer Assist with management of the Activity and Service Fee Budget and work with respective account managers; Assist with managing university-wide Initiatives.
  • Director of Government RelationsSearch for and facilitate opportunities for the Student Body of FAU to become involved with all levels of Government and of Governmental action, and Represent the Student Body of FAU when discussing Local, State, and Federal Governmental Legislative Initiatives.
  • GPSA Director Provide Educational and Professional Development Programming to graduate and professional students registered at Florida Atlantic University. Must be a graduate student for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
  • Attorney General (unpaid) – Serve as the primary legal advisor to Student Government and to assist in the interpretation of the Florida Atlantic University Student Government Constitution and Statutes.

The Student Government Boca Raton Statues detail duties and responsibilities of each position within GAC.

Governor’s Administrative Cabinet:

  • Chief of Staff Management of the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet; Shall be the chief liaison between the Governor and the Student Government Programs.
  • Treasurer Assist with maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions concerning the Boca Raton Campus. Aid with the accounting for all expenditures of the Boca Raton Student Government funds. Advise the Governor and the House of Representatives on all financial affairs affecting the Boca Raton Campus.
  • Marketing Director Shall develop and implement a marketing plan for the Boca Raton Student Government. Shall advertise services and activities provided by Student Government and Student Government Programs.
  • Program Board DirectorManagement of Program Board, a board which plans recreational events for students.
  • Multicultural Programming DirectorManagement of Multicultural Programming, a board which creates programs promoting multiculturalism. 
  • Council of Student Organizations (COSO) Director – Manage student organizations and clubs. 
  • Night Owls DirectorManage Night Owls, a board which provides late-night safe transport to students, staff, and faculty.
  • Psychoeducational Programming (PEP Talk) DirectorManage Psychoeducational Programming, a board that promotes mental health education and awareness.
  • Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI) DirectorManage SAVI, a board that provides community service opportunities to students.

Justine Kantor is the News Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, contact [email protected]. She can also be reached via twitter @KantorJustine