Boca House of Representatives confirms new marketing director, elects three new house members

New Boca Raton marketing director confirmed and new House representatives elected to fill vacant seats.


Last week’s House of Representatives meeting.

Andre Rajoo, Contributing Writer

The Boca House of Representatives had a busy agenda last week in their second meeting of the 16th legislative session. 

Newly sworn-in representatives and the newly confirmed Boca Raton campus marketing director offered their testimony to why they were seeking their respective positions. 

Three new representatives were elected by current House members without opposition. Newly sworn-in representatives Rebecca Martinez, Haley Franques, and Tahj Wilson offered their testimonies to current House members about why they decided to seek election and what their plans are as elected leaders. 

In all three testimonies, the advocacy for affordability on campus and cost saving benefits off campus were notable. Rep. Wilson said, “As a Boca House representative I would advocate for a level playing field for everyone.” He said he would look into keeping student events free and finding cost reducing benefits for on and off-campus activities.

Deanna Mancuso, the newly confirmed Boca Raton marketing director, was appointed by Gov. Rhoda Hoods and confirmed by Boca House members without opposition. Mancuso stated in her testimony to the house members, “I am excited to be here and have wanted this position since the summer… I have resigned from my full-time job so I will be able to manage my time well for this position.” 

Speaker of the Boca House, Reilly Bridgers, spoke in his report about important recent events and activities. From FAU day in Tallahassee to the yearly UBAC deliberations, he presented a summary of the various activities and experiences that have already occurred this school year. Including big plans ahead for new university programs and future legislation. 

The yearly UBAC deliberations consist of SG leaders meeting to discuss the allocation of funds for the university budget. This year the total amount of funding available for UBAC total’s $9.8 million.

“Overall rally in tally and FAU day was very successful,” Bridgers said. “Students were able to connect with state legislators and push for Bright Futures. . . sexual assault prevention, and mental health advocacy.”

 Other SG leaders spoke about popular programs that students have shown interest in. From free beach parking to scrunchies that can prevent sexual assault. Offering an ambitious report for what SG leaders are working on and what they plan to accomplish in this legislative session. 

Editor’s note: This article has been updated for accuracy.

Andre Rajoo is the Contributing Writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected]