Voting for the Fall 2021 Student Government legislative body begins this Tuesday

Students have been campaigning to be a part of the Boca House of Representatives.

Kayla Ortiz, Political Reporter

Students can get involved and vote in the fall 2021 student House of Representatives election from Sept. 28 to Sept. 29. 

In this election, 30 student candidates are running for seats within the Boca House of Representatives with intentions to improve student life and give FAU attendees a voice for change. 

Students can cast their votes for their student representatives by accessing the ballot through the Owl Central website. 

The official candidate list is comprised of students in the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes from many different majors, including political science, criminal justice, journalism, and business management. 

Dylan Hobbs-Fernie is a political science and journalism double major.  He is also a current member of the Boca House of Representatives and a current candidate. Hobbs-Fernie said, “I want to not only continue working in Student Government but strive to improve what SG and FAU can be.”

Student Government’s House of Representatives aids in improving campus life for the student body through upholding the university’s legislation.

The house of representatives previously has worked to pass legislation such as restoring the Boca Raton campus swimming pool and the COVID-19 Care Package Bill, which provided students with disposable masks and hygienic products, such as hand sanitizer and soap. 

“I am stepping up to be the voice and change for the FAU class of 2025,” said freshman candidate and criminal justice major Kameron Bridges. 

Elected members of the House of Representatives work by reviewing and maintaining the university through FAU’s statutes and regulations in order to make positive changes on campus. 

Members of the House also make up the Rules and Policies Committee, the Ways and Means Committee, Campus Action Committee, and the Campus Budget Committee. 

These student-run committees work to ensure that all programs and legislation adhere to the student government constitution, statutes, and other university rules, as well as monitor allocated resources and expenditures. 

Each chair for these committees is appointed by the House Speaker, whose responsibilities include overseeing all House meetings and maintaining the FAU Student Government Constitution. 

To remain eligible, all official candidates are expected to have filled out the Campaign Expense report and the Complaint and Contestation report no later than Sept. 30, prior to the Election Board Meeting on Oct. 1. 

In accordance with the Elections Board Statutes, the campaign expense report gives details regarding any campaign expenses, receipts, and information from campaign contributors and donors.

FAU also requires the complaint and contestation report to be completed in compliance with the student government statute 318.100. 

Statute 318.100 states, “Any University student has the right to contest an election or bring a complaint before the Elections Board alleging a violation of the Election statutes.”

Once the Election Board receives the receipt of complaint or contestation, they will meet to review and judge the evidence of any allegations and then would be able to finalize the election results.

Kayla Ortiz is a Political Reporter for the University Press. For information regarding this story, email her at [email protected] or DM her @kayla.ortiz1 on Instagram.