Alumna donates $500,000 to FAU School of Architecture

The gift is to create the Ponte Health Fellowship in Healthcare Building and Design Endowed Fund.


Image of the future Vertical Medical City in Orlando courtesy of Ponte Health.

Marcy Wilder, Web Editor

The FAU School of Architecture received $500,000 to create the Ponte Health Fellowship in Healthcare Building and Design Endowed Fund. The gift was from Tabitha Ponte, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the School of Architecture in 2008 and is the CEO and Founder of Ponte Health.

The fellowship will allow for an FAU student to be an intern at Ponte Health under the direction of Ponte starting in the summer of 2022. FAU students will also be able to be involved in the development of a Vertical Medical City in Orlando.

“The major aspect of the gift is to provide an annual scholarship of $7,500 and to provide a six-week summer internship with Ponte Health,” said Jeffrey E. Huber, interim director of the FAU School of Architecture. The internship pays for students’ room and board as well.

“Vertical Medical City is both residential and outpatient, as well as a research facility with geriatric doctors and additional doctors doing research on targeted projects,” Ponte said in an interview with Wealth Management.

The goal of the City is to remove transportation issues and improve the quality of life for those in the geriatric, or elderly, population. “The goal is to bring the elders back to the urban core, which is often closer to their families, and to cater to them as their physical bodies deteriorate,” said Ponte.

Huber said that Ponte believes that architecture can support the health and well-being of its users, and is the goal for students.

“The fellowship is geared towards students with an interest in healthcare architecture or more [general] health and wellness,” said Huber. “This can range from the way we design cities to the design of a medical campus or long-term care facility and as small as the room the care is performed in.”

Huber said the college of architecture is very grateful for Ponte and Ponte Health. “This gift will enhance student financial assistance and galvanize student interests in healthcare architecture at our school for generations to come,” said Huber.

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