Unofficial Student Government election results: Maxwell Simonson named student body president, Rhoda Hoods named Boca governor

Brittney Del Valle was named Broward Governor, while Jitesh Persaud won the Jupiter gubernatorial race.


Photo courtesy of Maxwell Simonson.

Colby Guy, Editor-In-Chief

In a previous version of this story, the University Press misspelled the names of Jitesh Persaud and Brittney Del Valle. We regret the error.

According to Owl Central, Maxwell Simonson has been named Student Body President for the 2021-22 school year. Lily MacDonald will serve as his Vice President. They ran unopposed.

“Thanks to our amazing student body,” Simonson said in an Instagram post on Thursday evening. “I am both humbled and honored to announce that I have been elected to be the next student body president, alongside my vice president Lily MacDonald.”

Student Government will finalize and release the official results once the Elections Board hears any challenges or contestations.

The results show a staggering decline in voting from 2020. There was a 68.8% decrease from last year’s total of 3,763, which accounted for 11% of the student body. This year, 1,174 students voted this year, which accounts for just 4.1% of the student body.

Simonson and MacDonald received 82.0% of the vote with 963 total votes, while 27 votes went to write-in candidates and the remaining 184 votes were no votes.

Rhoda Hoods won the Boca gubernatorial race with 460 votes or 48.8% of the vote. Nicholas Brickman amassed just 30 fewer votes than Hoods, finishing with 430 votes or 45.6%.

Brittney Del Valle won the Broward gubernatorial race with 67.5% of the vote. She received 27 of the 40 total votes from the Broward campus.

Jitesh Persaud received 48.4% of the vote in Jupiter, becoming the campus’ governor for the second consecutive year. He received 93 of the 192 votes cast in Jupiter.

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