Demon Slayer hits No. 8 on Netflix Top Ten List and there’s a reason

Demon Slayer is the anime for the hardcore and new anime viewer.


Photo courtesy of VIZ Media.

Elliot Rodriguez, Entertainment Editor

Making its way to the eighth spot on Netflix TV Shows Today list, Demon Slayer is a great watch for anime fans and first-time watchers looking to get into a good show.

With his family slaughtered by demons, the main character Tanjiro Kamado is recruited by a Demon Slayer named Giyu Tomioka. Giving Tanjiro the opportunity to avenge his fallen family and try to turn his little sister Nezuko, back into a human.

This show has its katana swinging action, its comedy, and a great cast of characters. The heartfelt connection between friends and the bond between brother and sister, are just a few elements that make this show so special. 

My favorite character would have to be Inosuke Hashibira, his comedic role as a side character really cools the tension down. Not to mention he comes equipped to battle with his dual swords and uses a hollowed out boar’s head as a mask.

The sword-slashing action is a main factor to the show’s success. As Tanjiro slashes the heads of the demons he meets in battle, his now-demon little sister is by his side protecting him in sticky situations. She is equipped with razor-sharp claws and superhuman regenerative abilities.

The smooth animation and art style are unlike any current popular anime that I have seen. The movement of each character is so precise and well-oriented, not even animes such as Bleach or One Piece can compare. The art style is also astounding, you can really tell that the Demon Slayer animation team wanted to stray away from classic styles of animation and go with a more modern approach.

The voice acting and lip syncing are on point. Usually it is tough for an animation made in the Japanese language to sync so perfectly with the English voice actors, but Demon slayer does a great job in lip syncing words both in subbed and dubbed.

In many cases with animes, the show would be ruined because of such terrible acting. In other cases, shows are best experienced when watching it dubbed instead of subbed. This is the case with Demon Slayer, each actor can be seen putting their best foot forward. Making sure that each little breath that the character draws, or each ounce of excitement that the character exerts, is captured in the tone of their voice.

Demon Slayer is all in all, a great well-rounded watch for the hardcore anime viewer, as well as the newest anime viewer. Each episode was enjoyable, and made me crave more. When I had reached the end of the season, I found myself immediately navigating to my search bar in order to find out when the next season would be released.

With no official release date, but rumors speculating that the popular anime will return in Fall or Winter of 2021 according to, Demon Slayer can be watched on any major streaming services such as Netflix and Sling.

Elliot Rodriguez is the Entertainment Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories email him at [email protected]  or Instagram @elliotyaknow.