Unofficial Student Government election results: Celine Persaud wins presidency, Jack Agar wins Boca Governor

Jitesh Persaud won Jupiter the gubernatorial race and Haley Berman won the Broward gubernatorial race unopposed.


Joseph Burgees and Celine Persaud. Photo courtesy of the ticket’s Instagram account.

Marcy Wilder, Web Editor

Editor’s note: The official results will be finalized and released once all challenges and or contestations have been heard.

Since announcing their campaigns last month, two presidential tickets and eight gubernatorial candidates ran in this year’s Student Government election. The unofficial results show that 11 percent of FAU’s student population voted with 3,763 votes accounted for, a 62 percent increase from last year


Celine Persaud won the race for student body president along with running mate Joseph Burgese. The ticket won by a vote of 1,615 –– only five votes more than the Alex Zand and Naya Diaz ticket.


Jack Agar won the gubernatorial race for the Boca Raton campus, Jitesh Persaud won for Jupiter and Haley Berman won for Broward. Compared to the other candidates, Agar won by over 332 votes, while Jitesh Persaud won by only about 13 votes more. Even though Berman ran unopposed, she only got 108 of the total 125 votes. 


According to Owl Central, on the Boca campus, 10 percent of the student population cast their votes with 3,392 votes accounted for, a 16 percent increase from last year’s election. In Jupiter, 35 percent of the student population cast their votes with 246 accounted for, a 103 percent increase from last year. In Broward, 125 votes were counted –– an increase from last year’s 43 votes.


“We believe that with our resources, knowledge, and experience, we are best equipped to serving the students,” the Persaud and Burgese ticket said, “we are committed to advocating for the student body and ensuring that every voice is heard.” 


During the presidential debate, the ticket said that if elected they would:

  • Have biweekly meetings with each governor
  • Be more transparent about everything they do
  • Expand student safety
  • Lower the counselor to student ratio
  • Create more student involvement 
  • Create more resources for the Graduate Student population 


“I strive to improve the student experience through making student resources more readily available. In addition, create a long-lasting legacy focusing on enhancing campus life,” Agar said.


During the governor debate, he said that if elected he wants:

  • Creation of a gym pass app
  • Equal representation of all student government
  • An open door & open ear policy
  • A marching band at athletic events


 Here’s a breakdown of the votes:

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