President John Kelly re-appointed, receives a $350,000 bonus

Kelly’s contract now ends in 2020.


President John Kelly praises the school’s diversity and FAU’s police department. Photo by Max Jackson

Sophie Siegel, Editor in Chief

The Board of Governors (BOG) voted to approve John Kelly’s reappointment earlier today, according to a press release by the BOG.

Kelly’s salary will be raised $30,000 from $475,000 to $505,000. Here’s what else his deal includes:

  • A $350,000 one-time bonus
  • A contract extension to 2020
  • A car
  • Access to the 14,000-square-foot Baldwin House on the Boca campus
FAU’s Baldwin House was built to host events and act as a private residence for the university’s president. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Kelly was re-approved based on the following reasons from the Board of Trustees (BOT):

  • Fixing the freshman retention rate
  • Helping FAU become the top ranking university in Florida in 2016
  • Making admission standards more competitive

Kelly has been the president of FAU since 2014. 

The next BOG meeting will be held on June 11-13 at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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