Spring course cancellation email an ‘error’

The email sent late Thursday shocked students by stating their spring courses were canceled. If your courses appear on Canvas, you are still enrolled in them.


Photo by Kristen Grau

Kristen Grau, Features Editor

The Controller’s Office sent an email to some students late Thursday stating that their spring courses were “canceled due to non-payment.”

Representatives from the office said that the message was “sent in error,” and added they’re unaware of the source yet. Signs posted outside the office state that if you have access to your Canvas account, you are still enrolled in your spring courses and will not be charged the $200 fee the email requested.

The office couldn’t confirm how many students received the email.

“Please disregard a cancellation email if you have been deferred by the Financial Aid office, receiving [Florida] Prepaid, VA benefits or enrolled in a payment plan,” a sign outside the office reads.

The Controller’s Office said they will send out another email some time today apologizing for the error.

If you can’t log in to Canvas, here are the online payment instructions:

Students expressed their shock on Twitter — one demanding “some form of compensation for my mental breakdown.”

Another contemplated suing for “emotional damages.”

Students took to the Controller’s Office this morning to voice their concerns. Some reacted on social media as well.


The email was sent late Thursday.

The Controller’s Office sent a follow-up email to students at afternoon Friday clarifying that there is “no need to complete the fiscal reinstatement form that linked to [the] previous message.”

March 6 is the deadline to pay your remaining balance.

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