FAU’s 8th annual drag show encourages self-expression

Hundreds of people attended the event, which addressed topics like voting and staying true to yourself.


Drag queen Jackie Jae’s second performance had her in a sequin-covered cutout leotard and a matching jacket. Photo by Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor, Contributing Writer

Lap dances, elaborate costumes, and lingerie could be seen at the Boca campus Student Union Saturday as FAU hosted its eighth annual drag show.

Hosted by drag queen Ariel Rimm, the event featured musical performances, as well as various messages like expressing yourself however you want and the importance of voting in the Nov. 6 election. Hundreds of students and community members attended the show put on by the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and funded by Student Government.

To kick off the event celebrating the LGBT community, drag kings — L.A, Kevin Dixon, and Magic Dyke — performed an act revolving around the 2016 superhero film “Suicide Squad.”

Drag king Magic Dyke gives the audience the middle finger while performing with other kings and queens to “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots. Photo by Hope Taylor

Dixon performed as the Joker, while L.A.’s costume was that of a mental ward patient. Dressed in an orange convict suit, Magic Dyke was heavily tattooed. The three tugged, pushed at each other, and stripped their clothes as they lip synced to “Suicide Squad’s” title song “Heathens” by indie band Twenty One Pilots. Drag queen Adelaide, dressed as Poison Ivy, made a guest appearance afterward.

Drag queens also danced up and down the aisles throughout the show, giving lap dances to random male attendees who showered them with dollar bills.

Queen Rimm opened the main performance, rising from a coffin and dressed as Morticia Addams from the “Addams Family. As she sauntered around the stage, a corner of her long black gown in hand, she lip synced to “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

During the intermission, queens Ariel Rimm, Ashley Rodriguez, and Cathy Randazzo dressed as the witches from 1993 Halloween classic “Hocus Pocus” and acted out an introductory scene from the movie.

Throughout the event, costumes were key.

Drag queen Rianna Petrone slipped out of a large red coat to reveal a red corset and thigh-high boots for her performance while Velvet Lenore dressed in a full silver bodysuit for her first act. Queen Jackie Jae ripped off her large black feather boa to reveal a set of lingerie in her first dance, emerging on stage in a retro outfit covered in large sequins in the second.

Drag queen Kat Wilderness dances in a sequined cheer uniform during her first performance. Photo by Bianca Anicette

Starting off her performance in a cheerleader uniform, Kat Wilderness later dressed in a business coat that she soon ripped off to reveal an animal print leotard underneath.

Some costumes included electronics for added flair. In her first performance, TP Lords dropped her long silver gown to reveal a multicolored costume with glowing shoulder pads and hand props that shot beams of light.

Drag queen TP Lords shines beams of lights into the crowd with her glowing costume. Photo by Hope Taylor

The final act by TP Lords featured a waiter unveiling Lords’ head on a silver platter as she dressed as a table.

She then shed her costume, unveiling a striped bodysuit and corset, and strutted down the aisles. She was eventually joined by Kat Wilderness and the waiter in a synchronized dance that ended the show.

Hope Taylor is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].