Student body president outlines future Student Government initiatives

Kyle MacDonald presented this year’s State of the Student Body Address, proposing a four-pillar plan to improve campus life.


Student body President Kyle MacDonald spoke about SG’s future Tuesday, and released a video on social media detailing those same goals, which is pictured above. Photo courtesy of Student Government’s Facebook

Sophie Siegel, Staff Writer

Student body president Kyle MacDonald discussed Student Government’s short and long term goals Tuesday at his State of the Student Body Address.

MacDonald debriefed the audience on his new four-pillar strategic plan, which includes increasing student involvement, broadening community engagement, strengthening SG visibility, and promoting health, wellness and safety.

“Student Government serves as a very important role in the life of our students here at FAU, as they allocate almost $10 million on an annual basis to ensure the quality of campus life that our students enjoy so much,” Vice President for Student Affairs Corey King said at the event.

MacDonald then introduced what SG will be using those millions of dollars for.

He emphasized the importance of athletic events to students attending any major university. One new aspect to campus life is the “paradise pricing program,” which gives students cheaper pricing for food and drinks in the FAU football stadium during games.

SG also plans to get students move involved in community life, which includes partnering with every public Florida university to do a civic engagement week where students can register to vote, attend panel debates, and meet local candidates for office. Over 100 students were registered to vote during the last civic engagement week earlier this month.

Another goal of MacDonald’s is to “strengthen the visibility of Student Government.” He believes SG should be at the “forefront of social media.” In keeping with this, SG posted a video to its social media accounts where MacDonald details his plans for the future.

A part of this visibility will also come from some form of SG logo being on their promotion items “to create the visibility of the Student Government brand,” he said.

“We serve over 30,000 students and not every one of them can all be in this room right now,” he said, referring to the purpose of putting this video on social media.

One of MacDonald’s latest initiatives is the Uber Safe Ride program, which offers FAU students $5 off of three Uber rides with the promo code “SGATFAUEVENT.” This falls under the pillar of health, wellness, and safety pillar.

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