February election winners take special election

Jacqueline LaBayne and Kyle MacDonald received more than half the vote over Marianne Alex and Edward Perez.


Kerri-Marie Covington

Kyle MacDonald and Jacqueline LaBayne. Photo courtesy of of LaBayne and MacDonald’s GoFundMe page.

Sophie Siegel, Contributing Writer

In the middle of finals week, Student Government has announced the special election unofficial results.


February election winners Jacqueline LaBayne and Kyle MacDonald received just 179 votes over Marianne Alex and Edward Perez.


The LaBayne/MacDonald ticket won almost 58 percent of the vote with 588 compared to Alex/Perez’s 409.


A total of 1,014 students voted, only 3.62 percent of FAU’s 28,011 students.

The unofficial special election results posted the Elections Board.

That’s less than half of the 2,317 student votes counted in the February election, when 8.2 percent of the student body voted.


LaBayne and MacDonald won the February general election but were disqualified due to campaigning early, a “major” violation of SG statutes. At that time, runners-up Alex and Perez were write-in candidates.


Following this, a special election was called, which the Student Court ruled was unconstitutional.


Despite this, the Elections Board continued with the special election.


Now, any complaints and contestations against the candidates will be heard by the board, with the final results posted by the end of the semester, May 4.


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Sophie Siegel is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].